Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs Academic Assessment?

Starting for the Fall 2019 term,  the requirements for assessment are changing and the Math and English assessment exams will no longer be required for all students. Instead, we will be offering new English and Math placement options to help you enter and complete transfer-level English and Math in one year.  ESL Students are still required to take the Assessment exam.

Can I retake my ESL Assessment?

A student who thinks the ESL assessment did not measure his or her skill levels correctly, may request a retake. Please contact the Academic Assessment Center, DeRicco Student Services Building, Room 110, for information regarding this retake.

For further assessment information, contact the Academic Assessment Center at: (209) 954-5151, extension 6110.

Ability to Benefit

Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) testing will no longer qualify NEW Students for financial aid. For further assistance, contact the Financial Aid Office at (209) 954-5115 or visit the office, DeRicco Student Services Building, Room 131.

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