Alpha Gamma Sigma


Welcome to Alpha Gamma Sigma, a statewide organization that promotes academic success and helping out its community. We hope that you gain good experience, meet great friends, and have much success as a member of the club. Our Chapter name is Alpha Beta.

Club Description

Alpha Gamma Sigma, or AGS as it is often called, is the California Community College Scholastic Honor Society. The motto of AGS: "Add to good character, knowledge, and judgment." ALPHA stands for "Arete" meaning "Excellence" GAMMA stands for "Gnosis" meaning "Knowledge" SIGMA stands for "Sophrosyne" meaning "Wisdom" The purposes of Alpha Gamma Sigma is to foster, promote, maintain and recognize scholarship; to develop programs offering cultural, social, or enrichment experiences as part of the total experience of the college; to promote service to the college and the community; and to emphasize the development of leadership, character and judgment.


Club Advisors and Officers

Title Name Email
Advisor Chris Wardell
President Jessica Vasquez