Event Proposal

How To Propose An Event To The Cultural Awareness Program

  1. Check with Tina Leal/Fine Arts division for availability of a venue (i.e., Atherton Theatre; Tillie Lewis Theatre).
  2. Complete the Proposal Form for CAP sponsorship.
  3. Submit Proposal Form to the CAP chairperson or present in person at the next CAP meeting.
  4. Once your CAP Proposal is approved:
    1. Secure the venue and request equipment.
    2. Complete the Special Services contract; include the presenter's signature, social security number, and mailing address. Return to Admin 102 office at least three weeks in advance of the presentation.
    3. The Contract will be reviewed by the CAP executive secretary (Dean of Student Learning and Assessment), initialed, and submitted to Business Services.
    4. Business Services will submit the Special Services Contract to the superintendent/President for approval and return to Business Services.
  5. Contact Jim Vergara to videotape program.
  6. Marketing:
    1. Contact the SJDC Public Information Office.
    2. Contact the SJDC Print Shop for help in designing and printing posters.
    3. Post promotional posters on campus and around the Stockton community.
    4. Contact SJDC Public Information Office for networking, media resources and videography.
  7. Secure appropriate campus representatives to present welcome speech and speech of introduction.
  8. Pat yourself on the back!

Download Proposal Form (.pdf) Download Proposal Form (.doc)