Campus Diversity

At Delta College, we embrace the uniqueness of our community. Our campus diversity programs promote an inclusive atmosphere of higher learning while advocating campus-wide respect and understanding for everyone.

We take inclusion seriously at Delta. Our mission to provide high-quality education to our students across all barriers of language, ability, income and even location. From intensive ESL tutoring for students who speak English as a second language to the $200,000 in scholarships we give out annually, Delta is committed to equal, accessible and affordable education.

Our student life is in many ways a reflection of our diversity-driven values. Want to debate politics with your peers? Find friends who are as enthusiastic about a culture or language as you are? Want to get involved in community activism, or simply interested in hearing the other side? We have a club for that. From our Pride Center to the many organizations and initiatives promoting cultural awareness, there’s a place for every student at Delta to feel at home.


Delta opened my eyes to many different things. Beyond what I learned in my classes, I also learned about different cultures and to respect everyone more than I already did. My experience here was truly a great one.

Delta Student, Graduation Survey 2017