Maluolefale "Malu" Mageo

Resource Specialist


Science, Engineering, Computer Science, and Math

Maluolefale “Malu” Mageo is one of the new Resource Specialists in the Math, Science, Computer Science, and Engineering TrAC.  Malu has been in the education field for 4 years working as a Senior Academic Coach at Carrington College. Several of her responsibilities included retention (for online/pure online students), student attendance (on grounds and online), reaching out to (online/pure online) students whose grades were below a 70%, interview/hire FWS students, offer academic support, and assist with cross-departmental support on the administrative side. While working at Carrington, Malu was able to attain her Master’s in Education with the concentration of Higher Learning.

Prior to working at Carrington, she worked at a group home in Stockton for 5 years. The residents the group home serviced were probationary adolescents from various counties, foster children and sexually exploited children. Malu became interested in this field after attending ITT Technical Institute and earning my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Working with the different populations of residents the group home serviced, she was able to gain much knowledge in regards to diversity and adversity these residents face.   

With her life experience, career experience and the rapport Malu has built with previous students and residents she is definitely ready to fly this plane to create a new and improved campus culture to better support our students! Malu is super excited to be a part of the Mustang Family and is looking forward to meeting everyone.