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 Management Senate
Management Senate Constitution

Article I - NAME

The name of this organization shall be "SAN JOAQUIN DELTA COLLEGE MANAGEMENT SENATE," (hereafter referred to as the "Management Senate").


Section 1.  All personnel designated administrative or management shall be the members of the Management Senate.

Section 2.  For purposes of this Management Senate, the following positions shall be excluded: Superintendent/President and all administrative or management employees who report directly to the Superintendent/President. 


Section 1.  To represent its members and present their concerns to the Superintendent/President and /or the Board of Trustees regarding the San Joaquin Delta Community College District, hereafter known as the District.

Section 2.  To actively participate in the decision making process of the District in determining institutional priorities, positions, policies, regulations and procedures.

Section 3.  To promote an atmosphere of respect, integrity, mutual trust, and openness among students, faculty, and classified staff, Board of Trustees, administration, and other interested persons concerning the welfare and growth of the college.

Section 4.  To provide a forum that encourages the free exchange of ideas regarding the total operation of an institution of higher learning, without fear of reprisal or retribution against any individual member.

Section 5.  To promote and support equal employment opportunities in all aspects of the District. 


Section 1.The representative leadership of the Management Senate shall be the Management Senate Coordinating Council (hereafter referred to as the "Coordinating Council").

Section 2.The Coordinating Council will be comprised of five elected members; four from the segments and one at-large.  The immediate past outgoing President of the Coordinating Council shall serve as an Ex Officio member.  Members will be elected from their respective segment.  One member will be elected at-large by the total membership.

• Business/Facilities

• Instruction

• Student Services

• At large

1 representative

2 representatives

1 representative

1 representative

Section 3.The process to determine the representation from each segment is as follows: The number of elected members for each segment will be determined by dividing the total number of Management Senate members by four (the number of elected segment representatives).  The quotient will be used to determine the number of elected member(s) from each segment.  Each segment will have a least one representative.

Section 4.The Coordinating Council shall elect a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 5.The Coordinating Council shall:

a. Conduct all routine business of the Management Senate between Management Senate general membership meetings

b. Be responsible for maintaining communications with all segments of the District

c. Appoint members of the Nominations/Election Committee

d. Make recommendations regarding policies and positions to membership of the Management Senate



Section 1.  The Nominations/Election Committee shall facilitate nomination of Coordinating Council candidates.

Section 2.  The Nominations/Election Committee shall be appointed by the Coordinating Council on or before the February meeting of each year and shall serve, as needed, for one year.

Section 3.  The Nominations/Election Committee shall consist of three members.

Section 4.  Nominations may be made by any of the following:

• Nominations/Election Committee

• Written self-nomination

• From the floor at the March meeting.

Section 5.The Nominations/Election Committee shall present the initial slate of candidates, with a goal of at least one more nominee than the number of representatives allowed for each segment, at the March general meeting of the Management Senate.
Section 6.The Coordinating Council members shall be elected by the highest vote obtained through secret ballot of the membership of the represented segment.  Elections will be held at the April Management Senate general meeting in odd years.  Management Senate members will vote for the number of representatives for their specific segment as specified in Article IV, Section II.

• The candidate(s) receiving the highest number of votes in each segment will be the elected representative(s).

• The at-large candidate will be elected by receiving the highest number of votes from the total membership, unless already elected as the segment representative.  In this case, the candidate receiving the next highest number of votes from the total membership shall be elected.

• A written, signed and dated absentee ballot is acceptable.

Section 7.Newly elected Coordinating Council representatives shall assume office at the July meeting and shall serve for a two-year term.

Section 8.When a vacancy on the Coordinating Council, other than the President, occurs between elections, the Council shall fill the vacancy from the appropriate segment.  Such an appointee shall serve for the remainder of the term.  When the President becomes vacant, the Vice President will assume the position of President.

Section 9.Council members shall be eligible to serve on the Council for no more than two (2) consecutive terms.


Section 1.  Members of the Coordinating Council shall elect officers no later than the close of the Spring academic term.

Section 2.  The President shall:

a. Serve as chief spokesperson for the Management Senate

b. Call and conduct meetings of the Management Senate

c. Appoint a representative from the Coordinating Council to each Ad Hoc Committee of the Management Senate

d. Serve as the Management Senate representative to the President’s Council

e. Be an ex-officio member of all Management Senate Standing Committees
f. Inform Management Senate membership of all pertinent developments affecting the constituency

g. Act as Management Senate representative at Board of Trustees' meetings.  If the President is unable to attend, the Vice President or designee will represent the Coordinating Council.

Section 3.  The Vice-President shall:

a. Serve as the initial organizing chairperson of all Ad Hoc committees

b. Assist President in preparing the agenda for Management Senate meetings

c. Preside at any special or general meeting of the Management Senate or Coordinating Council in the absence of the President

d. Serve as President in the absence or resignation of the President

e. Assist in promotion of Management Senate activities as requested by the President

Section 4.  The Secretary shall:

a. Record and keep the minutes of meetings of the Coordinating Council

b. Be responsible for notifying members of all meetings called for the transaction of business by the Management Senate

c. Be responsible for distributing communications

Section 5.The Treasurer shall:

a. Deposit all funds collected

b. Make approved expenditures

c. Maintain records

d. Report status of funds to membership

Section 6.  The immediate past President shall:

a. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Coordinating Council

b. Serve as consultant to the President in Management Senate governance

c. Substitute for the President as an ex-officio member of all Management Senate standing committees when requested by the President


Section 1.The Standing committees of the Management Senate shall be the Governance, the Leadership, and the Nominations/Election Committees. The Nominations/Election committee is a special committee which is governed by Article V of this document.  The Council as necessary may form additional standing committees.

Section 2.Membership for standing committees will be solicited voluntarily from the membership annually during the month of July.

  • Membership of each standing committee will be a minimum of five members
  • Each committee member must play an active role including regular attendance at committee meetings and communication with Management Senate members
  • No voting by proxy for committees will be permitted

Section 3.Membership for Ad Hoc Committees will be solicited voluntarily from the membership.  The term of appointment shall be one year.  There will be no limit on the number of terms served.

Section 4.The chair of each committee will be selected by the membership of each specific committee.

Section 5.The general duties of Standing Committees will be to:

  • Keep abreast of developments in each respective field
    within the District and the State
  • Report at Management Senate meetings regarding State legislative
  • Undertake studies and make recommendations to the Management Senate President for review by the Coordinating Council

Section 6.Committee recommendations will be reviewed by the Coordinating Council prior to approval of the general membership.  The Coordinating Council may send recommendations to committees for further clarification or reconsideration before presentation and vote of the general membership.
Section 7. Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee shall:

a. Continually review administrative structures of the District and make pertinent recommendations

b. Make recommendations to the Coordinating Council regarding personnel policies of the District

c. Recommend professional development activities

Section 8. Governance Committee

The Governance Committee shall:

a. Continually review legislation related to community colleges and make appropriate recommendations for Management Senate support or opposition

b. Continually review District policies and procedures and make recommendations.



Section 1.Regular Management Senate meetings shall be held at least six times in the year and as needed.

Section 2.The President, with approval of the Coordinating Council, may call additional Management Senate meetings.

Section 3.The President must call a special Management Senate meeting upon the written request (petition) of twenty-five percent (25%) of the Management Senate membership.

Section 4.Except in emergencies, a five working day notice must be given to all membership preceding all meetings of the Management Senate.

Article IX - QUORUM

Section 1.Twenty five percent of the entire membership shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting of the Management Senate.

Section 2.Quorums for standing committees will be the majority of the committee membership.

Section 3.Decisions will be made by a majority vote of the quorum.

Article X - FUNDS

Section 1.Funds for the Management Senate will be requested from the District as agreed upon by the Coordinating Council.

Section 2.All funds received by the Management Senate shall be acknowledged by receipt, and then such funds shall be deposited in an account maintained by the District.  All withdrawals of such funds shall be requested by the treasurer and approved by the President or one other officer of the Coordinating Council.

The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the Management Senate in all points not expressly provided for in the Constitution.

Section 1.No proxy voting will be permitted.

Article XII - RECALL

Section 1.Coordinating Council Representatives may be recalled.

Section 2.To effect a recall vote of a segment representative(s), a written petition shall be signed one-third of the membership of the represented segment and submitted to the Secretary of the Coordinating Council.

Section 3.To effect a recall vote of the at-large representative, a written petition shall be signed by one-third of the membership of the Management Senate and submitted to the Secretary of the Coordinating Council.

Section 4.Upon receipt of the petition, the Coordinating Council shall call a special meeting of the membership to discuss the recall and vote by secret ballot.

Section 5.If a majority of the membership supports the recall, the office shall be declared vacant and within ten working days the Coordinating Council shall proceed according to Article V to appoint a member to fill the unexpired term.


Section 1.The Constitution may be amended by majority vote of the Management Senate membership.

Section 2.Proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the President of the Coordinating Council.  The proposed amendment shall be disseminated to the Management Senate.  The proposed amendment will be open for discussion at one senate meetings prior to a vote.

Section 3.Results of the balloting shall be announced within ten working days.


Date Adopted 1/21/94.

Revision Adopted 3/14/97
Revision Adopted 5/21/99
Revision Adopted 2/09/2010

Revision Adopted 3/08/2011

Revision Adopted 3/12/2013






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