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 Classified Senate

Classified Senate - Constititution


The organization shall be known as the Classified Senate of San Joaquin Delta Community College (hereinafter referred to as the Senate). The Senate shall be recognized as one of the representative bodies of the Classified Staff and shall communicate with the administration and governing board of San Joaquin Delta Community College. It shall participate in the formation and revision of District policies and procedures in all matters that affect the Classified Staff which are not subject to negotiations with the bargaining units, California School Employees Association and PORAC.


Article I - Relationship of the Classified Senate to the Classified Staff

Article III - Amendments


Article I - Relationship of the Classified Senate to the Classified Staff
Section A - Definition of Classified Staff
The Classified Staff shall be composed of those classified employees who do not perform any services for the College that are administrative or supervisory in nature. It includes part-time, probationary, and substitute classified employees.
Section B - Business
The business of the Classified Senate, representing the Classified Staff, shall be carried out through its membership and its committees. Final authority remains with the Classified Staff, which retains the rights of initiative, recall, and petition and may, by majority of votes cast, countermand action taken by the Senate, provided that one-third or more of the general membership participates in the voting.
Section C - Meetings of the Classified Staff
The Classified Staff shall meet on campus as specified in Article II of the Bylaws. A special meeting can be called upon petition of at least 10 percent of the membership or upon majority vote of the Classified Senate.


Article II - Classified Senate
Section A - Membership

The membership of the Classified Senate shall consist of one Senator elected from each area as defined in the Bylaws and three elected officers at large: the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.

The Past President of the Classified Senate, the President of CSEA Chapter 359 and all Classified Senate appointees to College Standing Committees shall serve as ex-officio members.


Section B - Duties

The duties of the elected officers, area representatives, and committee appointees shall be those outlined in the Bylaws of the Classified Senate.


Section C - Terms
The term of office of each elected officer and area representative shall begin on July 1. The term of office shall be for two years.


Section D - Nominations and Elections

The Classified Senate will appoint a Nominations Committee who will, on or before May 15 of an election year, seek nominations for Senate Offices from all members of the Classified Staff. The nominations will include general election nominations for President, Vice-President/Treasurer, Secretary, and Senator nominations for representatives.

Following the return of nominations, the Nominations Committee will verify with each nominated employee, their wish to be nominated. The Nominations Committee shall submit an official secret ballot to each member of the Classified Staff. These ballots shall be returned on or before June 13. On or before June 14, two election tellers appointed by the Classified Senate President shall tally the election results and report the results to the President.

The candidate receiving the most votes shall be elected as the officer for each position. Senators will be voted on only by members of their area of representation. The nominee receiving the most votes shall be elected.

In case of a tie there shall be a run-off election for that office within one week. If the results still reflect a tie between the candidates the winner shall be elected by a majority of the Classified Senate.


Section E - Vacancies on the Classified Senate
Resignation from any position on the Classified Senate shall be presented in writing to the Classified Senate President. Vacancies shall be filled according to procedures outlined in the Bylaws.


Section F - Committees

The Classified Senate may establish committees to deal with issues as the need arises; the chairperson of each committee shall be named by the Classified Senate.

  • The Classified Senate shall determine the definition, goals and intended timeline for each committee.
  • The chairperson of each established committee shall make committee membership recommendations to the Classified Senate, who will have the final responsibility for committee membership selection.
  • It is the responsibility of the committee chairperson to report back all findings and recommendations of the committee to the Classified Senate.
  • Responsibility for final action rests with the Classified Senate, unless 10 percent of the Classified Staff membership petitions for a full vote of the Classified Staff.


Article III - Amendments
An amendment to the Constitution or to the Bylaws may be proposed by a majority vote of the Classified Senate or by a written petition of at least 10 percent of the Classified Staff. The proposed change shall be distributed to all members of the Classified Staff at least two weeks prior to a written ballot. Adoption of an amendment to the Constitution shall require a two-thirds majority of the membership voting by secret ballot. An amendment to the Bylaws shall require approval of a majority of the membership voting by written ballot.


Article IV - By Laws
The San Joaquin Delta College Classified Senate shall prepare and present, and a majority of the members of the Classified Staff shall adopt, by ballot, such bylaws as are deemed necessary to the efficient operation of this Senate, provided, however, that all such bylaws shall be consistent with the provisions of this Constitution. Any bylaws, or amendments thereto, or repeat thereof, which shall contravene any provision of this Constitution or any policy of San Joaquin Delta College shall be null and void and of no effect from inception.

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