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8.1 Pay

8.1.1 Regular Rate of Pay The regular rate of pay for each position in the bargaining unit shall be in accordance with the rates established for each class, as provided in Appendix C which is attached hereto and by reference incorporated as part of this Agreement.

8.1.2 Paychecks All regular paychecks of employees in the Bargaining Unit shall be accompanied by a voucher itemized to include deductions.

8.1.3 Frequency - Once Monthly All employees in the Bargaining Unit shall be paid once per month, on or before the last working day of the month. If the normal pay date falls on a holiday, the paycheck shall be issued on the preceding workday. Employees in 10-month positions shall be paid in ten (10) equal monthly installments averaged over a 10-month period. If it is necessary for employees in 10-month positions to work outside of their contract dates, they will be paid on an hourly basis at their regular rate of pay.

8.1.4 Payroll Errors Any payroll error resulting in insufficient payment for an employee in the Bargaining Unit shall be corrected, and a supplemental check issued, not later than five (5) working days after the discovery of the error. Errors of overpayment will be corrected by adjustment to the next regularly issued check after the error is detected.

8.1.5 Special Payments Any payroll adjustment due an employee in the Bargaining Unit as a result of working out of class, recomputation of hours, or other reasons other than procedural errors shall be made and included in the next regular paycheck.

8.1.6 Special Payments for Out-of-Class Work When employees are assigned to work in a higher classification the rate of pay will be Step A of the higher classification or a higher step which is at least five percent (5%) above the employee's current rate of pay. Longevity increases will apply to the pay rate in the higher classification.

8.1.7 Lost Checks Any paycheck for an employee in the Bargaining Unit which is lost after receipt or which is not delivered within five (5) days of mailing, if mailed, shall be replaced not later than ten (10) working days following the employee's reporting of such loss to the Payroll Department for replacement of the check.

8.2 Benefits (except Health Benefits)

8.2.1 Exemption from Payment of Enrollment Fees All classified personnel shall be exempt from any fee levied by the District relating to courses where attendance is requested by the District. Enrollment fees for Delta College classes, except community service classes, shall be paid by the District for classified employees and their dependents as declared to the Internal Revenue Service.

8.2.2 Parking Fees Bargaining Unit members who park their vehicles on campus shall pay a District parking fee directly or through payroll deduction. The District will provide upon request a parking permit each semester to each member of the classified bargaining unit without charge.

8.2.3 All Classified employees and members of their immediate families shall be provided free tickets to all District sponsored athletic events.

8.3 Allowances

8.3.1 Mileage Compensation During Temporary Assignments Any employee required to work at a work site on temporary assignment which is more than five (5) miles from the employee's normal work site, shall be compensated for the total mileage difference between the employee's normal work site and the employee's temporary work site at the amount established by the District for reimbursement for mileage, according to the Travel and Mileage Policy which is attached as Appendix D.

8.3.2 Automobile Use The District agrees to make automobiles available to employees who are required in the course of their duties to travel on District business. In order to protect both the employee and the District in such cases, the employee must submit an approved vehicle request slip to the Transportation Department prior to checking out a vehicle. (See Travel and Mileage Policy, Appendix D.) The District shall make a reasonable effort to meet the vehicle safety specifications as set forth in the California Vehicle Code.