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6.1 Purpose The District recognizes the need and affirms the right of CSEA to designate Job Representatives from among employees in the unit. It is agreed that CSEA in appointing such representatives does so for the purpose of promoting an effective relationship between the District and employees by helping to settle problems at the lowest level of supervision.

6.2 Selection of Job Representatives CSEA shall appoint five (5) Job Representatives who will represent all employees in the bargaining unit.

CSEA will notify the District of the names of those persons chosen to be representatives and any change thereto. Nothing contained in this article shall limit the right to Job Representatives and chapter officers (not to exceed two (2) at one (1) time) in assisting another Job Representative in the processing of a grievance, shall it be requested.

6.3 Duties and Responsibilities of Job Representatives Each job representative shall represent the employees subject to the provisions set forth in Appendix F.

6.4 Job Representatives Requirements to District and/or Supervisor

6.4.1 The Job Representative will obtain permission from the employee's immediate supervisor (if available) to perform the employee's duties as Representative. The Job Representative shall inform the immediate supervisor of the employee's need to leave the employee's work area. Permission to leave will be granted unless such absence would cause an unreasonable interruption of work. Upon entering another work area, the Job Representative shall inform the supervisor that the employee is there on CSEA business. The Job Representative will be given permission to confer with the employee(s) in the new work area unless it would cause an unreasonable interruption of work. If permission is denied, the timelines of the grievance process will be extended by the total number of days permission is denied. When possible, arrangements will be made with both supervisors in advance.

6.4.2 Each Job Representative shall be granted release time with full benefits and pay to perform the employee's duties except as limited above, as outlined in Appendix F.

6.4.3 Job Representative shall be restricted to an average four (4) released hours per calendar month (not to exceed forty-eight (48) hours per year), in which to perform the employee's duties as outlined. The Job Representative shall use the