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5.1 CSEA Rights CSEA shall have the following rights in addition to the rights contained in any other portion of this agreement

5.1.1 The right to access at reasonable times areas in which employees work. (Government Code Section 3543.1 (b))

5.1.2 The right to use without charge institutional bulletin boards, mailboxes, and the use of the school mail system, and other District means of communication for the posting or transmission of information or notices concerning CSEA. All such postings or mailings will be clearly marked CSEA.

5.1.3 The right to use, on a cost-covering basis, telephone, institutional duplicating equipment and supplies for the purpose of printing information or notices concerning CSEA matters. Normally, CSEA shall use the telephone in the CSEA office. If a telephone other than the telephone in the CSEA office is used, the unit member will fill out the form provided and turn it in monthly to the switchboard.

5.1.4 The right to use without charge institutional facilities at reasonable times for the purpose of meetings to conduct the business of CSEA chapter #359.

5.1.5 The right to review employees personnel files (and any other records as specified in Article IV, Section 4.1.3, dealing with employees) when and only when accompanied by the employee or on presentation of a written authorization signed by the employee.

5.1.6 The right to be supplied with a complete "hire date" roster of all bargaining unit employees on the effective date of this agreement and every six (6) months thereafter, if requested. The roster shall indicate the employee's present classification and primary job site. The Human Resources Office will notify the CSEA Chapter President when a new employee is hired in a position included in the bargaining unit. The notification will include the employee's name, classification, and work location.

5.1.7 The right to receive two (2) copies of any budget or financial material approved by the Board of Trustees.

5.1.8 The right of reasonable release time for employees who are CSEA state officers, and chapter officers to conduct necessary CSEA business.

5.1.9 The right of reasonable release time for CSEA chapter delegates to attend the CSEA Annual Conference.

5.1.10 A parking identification sticker shall be provided, at no cost, to CSEA for its designated CSEA labor relations representative.

5.2 Distribution of Contract Within thirty (30) days after the execution of this contract, the District shall print or duplicate and provide without charge a copy of this contract to every employee in the bargaining unit. Any employee who becomes a member of the bargaining unit, after the execution of this agreement, shall be provided with a copy of this agreement by the District without charge at the time of employment. Each employee in the Bargaining Unit shall be provided by the District, without charge, with a copy of any written changes agreed to by the parties of this agreement during the life of this agreement.

5.3 Release Time At various points throughout this contract, reference is made to release time for individuals. Such references shall be understood to refer to the obligation of the District under Government Code Section 3543.1 (c) to provide "reasonable periods of release time without loss of compensation when meeting and negotiating and for the processing of grievances."

5.3.1 CSEA will have the right to purchase release time through payroll deductions of the employees it represents. Both parties will agree in advance on a figure that is reasonable and sufficient to cover all release time mentioned elsewhere in this contract, including release time for employees who are CSEA state officers to conduct necessary CSEA business, release time for CSEA chapter delegates to attend the CSEA Annual Conference, release time for job stewards as designated in Article VI, Section 6.2. Salaries of personnel on release time shall be charged against this budget item. Authorizations for the above released time must be coded on the Classified Monthly Time Report and submitted on an Absence Request Form to the Office of Human Resources.

5.3.2 CSEA shall receive reasonable release time at no expense to CSEA or the employees it represents for meeting and negotiating, and the processing of grievances. Reasonable release time shall be defined as 300 total hours in years when the entire contract is negotiable and 150 total hours in years when there are reopeners only to be negotiated. Any release time in excess of the total hours shall be charged in accordance with 5.3.1 above.

5.3.3 Any release time in excess of that authorized in 5.3.1 above shall be at the expense of CSEA Chapter #359, which may be taken through payroll deduction of the employees it represents.

5.3.4 The Association agrees to indemnify and hold the District harmless from any claims, damages, and causes of action or complaints arising from the operation of this Article. The Association further agrees to pay the cost of any legal fees or costs incurred by the District in defense of this provision and its implementation.