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3.1 Check Off CSEA shall have the sole and exclusive right to have membership dues, and/or service fees deducted for employees in the bargaining unit by the District. The District will issue two (2) checks. One will be sent to CSEA Headquarters and will include all sums withheld by the District for the state dues/service fees. The other check will be sent to CSEA San Joaquin Delta College Chapter #359 and will include all sums withheld by the District for the Chapter dues. The District shall, upon appropriate written authorization from any employee, make other payroll deductions as agreed upon by the District and CSEA.

3.2 Dues Deduction

3.2.1 The District shall deduct in accordance with the CSEA dues and service fee schedule, per Appendix B, dues from the wages of all employees who are members of CSEA on the date of the execution of this agreement, who have submitted dues authorization forms to the District.

3.2.2 The District shall deduct dues in accordance with the dues and service fee schedule established by CSEA from the wages of all employees who, after the date of execution of this agreement, become members of CSEA and submit to the District a dues authorization form.

3.3 Termination of Membership Dues deduction authorizations may only be revoked by application to and approval of the CSEA. Nothing contained in this article shall deprive bargaining unit members of the right to terminate their obligations to CSEA, with the exception of release time deductions, within a period beginning July 1 and ending July 30 in the year this agreement expires as identified in Section 28.1 of this agreement. (Government Code Section 3540(i) (1)). The District shall notify the CSEA President if any member revokes a dues authorization within that thirty- (30) day period.

3.4 Release Time Deduction The District shall deduct, in accordance with the schedule of release time funds needed, an amount from the wages of all employees represented by CSEA. The District will promptly remit the monthly deduction to CSEA, Chapter 359.

3.5 Hold Harmless Clause CSEA shall indemnify and hold the District harmless from any and all claims, demands, or suits, or any other action arising from the organizational security provisions contained herein.