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21.1 Notification and Public Notice If either party desires to alter or amend this Agreement, it shall, prior to the termination date set forth under Article XXVIII, Duration, provide written notice and a proposal to the other party of said desire and the nature of the amendments and cause the public notice provisions of law to be fulfilled.

21.2 Commencement of Negotiations After satisfaction of the public notice requirement, and not later than forty-five (45) days following submission of the proposal, negotiations shall commence at a mutually acceptable time and place for the purpose of considering changes in this Agreement.

21.3 Released Time for Negotiations CSEA shall have the right to designate six (6) employees, who shall be given reasonable released time to participate in negotiations.

21.4 Ratification of Additions or Changes Any additions or changes in this Agreement shall not be effective unless reduced in writing and properly ratified and signed by both parties.

21.5 Agreement of Parties Nothing contained herein shall be interpreted as precluding the Right of CSEA or of the District to mutually agree to negotiate on matters which develop after entering into this Agreement and which have not been heretofore agreed upon by the parties and which represent conditions not covered by this Agreement.