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1.1 This Agreement is made and entered into this 18th day of April 2000, by and between San Joaquin Delta College District, hereinafter referred to as the "District", and the California School Employees Association and its San Joaquin Delta College Chapter Number 359, or its successors, hereinafter referred to as "CSEA."

1.2 Acknowledgment The District hereby acknowledges that CSEA and its Delta Chapter #359 is the exclusive bargaining representative for all classified employees holding those positions described in Appendix A, attached hereto and incorporated by reference as a part of this agreement. All newly created positions in the classified service, except those that lawfully are faculty, supervisory, management or confidential shall be assigned to the classified bargaining unit. (Gov. Code 3543-45)

1.3 The Unit shall exclude work study students, students enrolled in nine (9) units for spring and fall semester and six (6) units for summer session, substitutes, short-term employees, faculty, and those positions identified by the Board of Trustees as management, supervisory and confidential. The Unit shall also exclude aides to the disabled, graders, interpreters, lifeguards, note takers, readers, tutors and ushers.

1.4 Scope of Representation The scope of representation shall be all matters determined by applicable rules, regulations, or orders issued by any governmental authority. Nothing herein may be construed to limit the right of the District to consult with CSEA on any matters outside of the scope of representation.