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17.1 Transfers Classified employees are eligible to file a written transfer request for consideration for any vacancy which is within the employee's current classification. Lateral Transfer is the movement from one (1) department to another within the same classification and salary range.

17.1.1 Transfer requests are subject to the following conditions: Requests for transfer must be submitted on the Employee Application Update Form and clearly marked on the first or cover page "Transfer Requested." The application may be accompanied by any additional information the employee desires to submit. The filing of a request for transfer is without prejudice to the employee and shall not jeopardize the present assignment. A request for transfer may be withdrawn by the employee in writing at any time prior to official notification of transfer approval. Only transfer requests from employees meeting all position requirements will be considered for any vacancy. Employees occupying a permanent position in any classification shall be deemed qualified, for purposes of transfer, for any other position in the same classification. The transfer must be approved by the immediate supervisor of the vacant position to which the employee is requesting transfer. If more than one (1) employee requests transfer to any position, the employee with the greatest seniority with the District will be offered the transfer, subject to all of the above conditions. All transfer requests will be decided prior to consideration of outside applicants for the position. Nothing in this Section shall be construed as intended to prevent or discourage any employee from applying or being considered through the regular selection process for any advertised vacancy.

17.1.2 The decision regarding the transfer of employees is solely the responsibility of the District, except as provided in this Article.

17.1.3 An employee may not apply for transfer under the provisions of this Agreement until permanency in the current classification has been achieved.

17.2 Medical Transfers The District may give alternate work when available to an employee who has become medically unable to perform satisfactorily the employee's regular job class duties. The alternate work may constitute demotion, or lateral transfer to a related class, but it shall be constituted only by mutual agreement with CSEA and concurrence of the employee. When the employee becomes medically able to perform satisfactorily the employee's former duties, the employee shall have the right to return to the employee's former position if available. If unavailable, the employee shall be offered an alternate assignment in the same classification.

17.3 Promotions Classified employees are encouraged to apply for any advertised vacancy for which they meet minimum qualifications. The District encourages upward mobility for its classified staff within the context of attempting to employ the best qualified individual for any position, and within the context of the District's Affirmative Action Plan. When applicants are judged to have equal qualifications, selection committees will be encouraged to give preference to internal. The filing of a request for promotion is without prejudice to the employee and shall not jeopardize the employee's present assignment. An application for promotion may be withdrawn by the employee in writing at any time prior to official notification of promotion.

17.3.1 Salary Placement When an employee is promoted, the employee shall be assigned to a step in the salary range of the new classification which represents an increment of at least five percent (5%) above the employee's base (i.e., exclusive of longevity increases) salary before the promotion, except that the employee may be placed on the last step of the appropriate range if that is the maximum base salary allowable for that classification. Such placement may result in an increase of less than five percent (5%).

17.3.2 Probation When an employee has permanent status and is promoted, the employee will be considered probationary in the new position for a period of three (3) months. During the probationary period in the new assignment the employee retains permanent status in his or her permanent position. If, during the probationary period, the District decides not to retain the employee in the new position, the employee shall be returned to a position in the employee's permanent classification.

17.4 Posting of Notice Notice of job vacancies shall be posted on bulletin boards located on the campus and in the Delta College "Staff Notes." The vacancy notice shall remain posted for a period of no less than six (6) working days during which time employees may apply for transfer or promotion.

17.5 Any employee on leave or layoff shall be mailed a copy of all notices of classified position vacancies after filing a written request with the Human Resources Office. Such notice shall be mailed by first class mail the day the position is posted.
17.6 Any employee on leave or layoff may authorize a job representative to file a transfer request or application on the employee's behalf.