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16.1 Every Bargaining Unit position shall be placed in a class.

16.2 Classification and Reclassification Requirements Either party may propose a reclassification at any time during the life of this Agreement for any position. All Classified requests for reclassification must be submitted to the Classified Reclassification and Entitlement Review Committee. A reclassification request may be submitted once per year unless there has been substantial change in the job duties and responsibilities since the last negotiations regarding the request. A Classified Reclassification and Entitlement Review Committee will be established to consider proposed Classified reclassifications and new Classified entitlements. The Committee will be composed of four (4) administrators and four (4) classified staff members, two (2) nominated by CSEA and two (2) nominated by the Classified Senate. The Committee will be advisory to the Superintendent/President. All recommendations of the Committee, which are in the scope of bargaining as defined in legislation and this agreement shall be negotiated.

16.3 Incumbent Rights When an entire class of positions is reclassified, the incumbents in the positions shall be entitled to serve in the new positions in their status as of the reclassification, i.e., permanent or probationary.

16.4 Downward Adjustment Except as negotiated, any downward adjustment of any position or class of positions shall not be considered a demotion.

16.5 Abolition of a Position or Class of Positions If the District proposes to abolish a position or a class of positions for lack of work or lack of funds, the District shall notify CSEA in writing and the parties shall meet and negotiate all matters within the scope of representation.