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11.1 Scheduled Holidays The District agrees to provide all employees in the Bargaining Unit with the following paid holidays during the term of this Agreement:

11.1.1 New Year's Day

11.1.2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

11.1.3 Lincoln Day

11.1.4 Washington Day -- Third Monday in February

11.1.5 CÈsar Chavez Day (March 31)

11.1.6 Spring Vacation Day -- Friday of Spring Recess Week

11.1.7 Memorial Day -- Last Monday in May

11.1.8 Independence Day

11.1.9 Labor Day -- First Monday in September

11.1.10 Veteran's Day

11.1.11 Thanksgiving Day -- Thursday proclaimed by the President (Generally the fourth Thursday in November)

11.1.12 Friday following Thanksgiving Day

11.1.13 Christmas Eve

11.1.14 Christmas Day

11.1.15 Day after Christmas

11.1.16 Day before New Year's Day.

11.2 Additional Holidays Every day declared by the President or Governor of this state as a public fast, mourning, thanksgiving, or holiday, which is a paid holiday for state or federal employees shall be a paid holiday for all employees in the bargaining unit. Any day declared a holiday by the Governing Board under Education Code, Sections 79021 or 79022, shall be a paid holiday for all employees in the Bargaining Unit.

11.3 Holidays on Saturday, Sunday, or Other Days Off

11.3.1 When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding workday not a holiday shall be deemed to be that holiday. When a holiday falls on Sunday, the following workday not a holiday shall be deemed to be that holiday.

11.3.2 The operation of this section shall not cause any employee to lose any of the holidays clearly indicated in this Article nor gain any additional holidays not indicated in this Article.

11.3.3 When a holiday falls on an employee's regular day off other than Saturday or Sunday the employee shall be provided a holiday on the work day either previous or subsequent to the holiday. The substitute holiday shall be determined by agreement between the employee and his or her supervisor. If the employee and supervisor are unable to agree on a substitute holiday, the determination shall be made by the Director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action.

11.4 Holiday Eligibility Except as otherwise provided in this article, an employee must be in paid status on the working day immediately preceding or succeeding the holiday to be paid for the holiday.

11.5 Number of Holidays In any one (1) year, the number of holidays shall always equal the number of days set forth in Section 11.1 (i.e., there shall always be sixteen (16) paid holidays regardless of any fluctuations of the calendar from year to year).

11.6 Employees in 10-month positions who work during the summer, outside of their contract period, shall receive holiday pay for holidays that occur during the period they work.