Guided Pathways Pillar Teams



Pillar Teams


Pillar 1: Clarify the Path

Pillar 1 Team Leads: Tara Cuslidge-Staiano

Meeting Notes

Responsibilities: Metamajors, Program maps, Website, Application, K12/Adult School Outreach

Pillar 2: Help Enter the Path

Pillar 2 Team Leads: Diane Feneck and Angela Tos

Meeting Notes

Responsibilities: Assessment Placement, Basic Skills Reforms (Math and English Year 1), First Year Experience (FYE), Orientation, Education Planning, Career Exploration

Pillar 3 Support the Path

Pillar 3 Team Leads: Joel Beutel and Lisa Cooper Wilkins

Meeting Notes

Responsibilities: First Year Experience (FYE), Advising/Mentoring, Early Alert Tutoring/SI, Student Experience (services, extracurriculars, facilities, technology)

Pillar 4 Ensure and Validate Learning

Pillar 4 Team Leads: Kathleen Bruce and Ginger Holden

Meeting Notes

Responsibilities: Learning Assessment, Workforce Outcomes, Transfer Success, Curricular Alignment with 4‐Years & Employers