Taking One More Class Pays Off!

Consider the benefits:

  • Finish your degree faster so you can transfer, land a higher-paying job, or earn a promotion sooner.
  • Choose from in-person and online classes. Online classes provide flexibility to meet your busy lifestyle.
  • Use the new class scheduler tool to find classes for your career or degree, or classes that are simply fun and interesting.
  • You can also use class scheduler to search for more than 240 classes offering free textbooks this fall!
  • Meet with a counselor to develop a plan and make sure you’re adding the right classes to move you closer to the finish line.
  • Students taking one more class may get more financial aid. For example, students taking 15 units are now eligible for $4,000 per semester through the Student Success Completion Grant! Students taking 12 units are eligible for $1,298 per semester. Contact the Financial Aid Office for details.

Need some suggstions on classes to take? Scroll through classes we have highlighted below.