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Mr. Payne
Psychology 1 Online

Psychology 1 with Mr. Payne is presented on campus and hybridized with ETUDES. Attendence in class is required for lectures and activities but quizzes and examinations are administered online with ETUDES.

Please remember you can log into ETUDES from Delta's main webpage and Delta's help line can help you with the login process.

Are You On The Waiting List?

The waiting list is the only chance to add but before a student can add, an enrolled student must drop before the semester starts. Then the first person on the list gets in and everyone else moves up a spot. The higher your spot, the better your chance but there is no guarantee enough will drop in time. This whole process is College policy and automatic. I believe the College notifies you if you get in but check for yourself frequently until the first day. I usually close the list and stop adding students on the first day of the semester. If you haven't made it by then, I'm really sorry but you won't get in. Thanks for your understanding.

Instructor Contact Information

  • Mr. Payne has no office or phone on campus but checks his email nearly every weekday and tries to respond within 24 hours, except on weekends and holidays.
  • Please always use Delta's email system to contact him.
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    • Please use your campus email system, not your private email address.
      • Each registered student has a Delta email address. It is Free. Using it directs your email to the online student folder I check most often.
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