Sample programs print percentage grade for students taking two 50 point test
  and a 100 point final.

Assignment #

   Turbo Pascal Link

   Lab 0.       This lab is to help you figure out how to run Pascal.

    1           Calculate Gross Pay given Regular Hours Worked, Overtime Hours
                Worked, and Hourly Rate of Pay.  This is sequence only.

   Lab 1.

    2           Calculate gross pay given Hours Worked and Hourly Rate of Pay.
                This is selection.

   Lab 2.

    3           Same as 2 but have program read file until End-Of-File and add
                headings.  This adds selection (headings) and loop (EOF).

   Lab 3.

   Test 1 Review

    4           Same as 3 but add summary at end of report.  This allows coverage
                 of top-down or structured design (stepwise refinement).

   Lab 4.

    5           This is just to cover functions.  Complete my sample (PROG5.PAS)
                 program for squares, cubes, and averages.

   Test 2 Review

    6           Same as 4 but add name to input and to the report.  This is
                 a simple array problem.

   Extra Credit  Write a program that reads and prints lines of text from a file,
                 check for a palindrone and print if it is or isn't.

    7          Write an integer sort.
                 P7.PAS (Integer sort).

    8          Write a name sort.

    9           Same as 6 but change to use a record and sorted output.
                 P9a.PAS		With parallel arrays.
                 P9b.PAS		With array of records.

   ***************Final, Tuesday 12/18/07 @ 8:00 am ********************
   FINAL         Final Review.
                 Final Review Answers.

   Extra NOT Credit Working with Linked List, Stacks, and Queue
                 P10a.PAS Linked List.
                 P10b.PAS Stack.
                 P10c.PAS Queue.