This website has two facets.  One is a presentation of my research on Artistic Dress. That part of the website will most likely be most interesting to people who study fin-de-siecle (that is, late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century) art, architecture, clothing and history. If you are consulting this site because you are interested in Artistic Dress, there is no need to click on the yellow writing primer boxes. Personally, I'd hit the "go back" button now.   
The second aspect of the website is a primer for writing about art and art history. If you are consulting this website for that purpose, then you may want to read the text on the website Artistic Dress website in conjunction with writing primer pages.  (The first step in learning how to write for a particular academic field is to read academic writing from that field!) If you decide to put the concerted effort required to read the Artistic Dress page and want to learn what I've done and how to do it yourself, then click on the yellow boxes that looks like this:Yellow Box

The boxes link to pages that explains why I've written the way I've written.  You'll find out about the conventions of formatting, vocabulary, and art historical methods on these pages.  They should be especially useful when you approach a writing assignment and between finishing a draft and editing that draft. 

Here is a list of Writing Primer Pages: