Instructor: Amir Assadi-Rad, Ph.D.
Office: Cunn. 427
Phone: 954-5340

Department & Number: Zool. 1 Title of course: General Zoology

Prerequisites: Reading level II, and Biology 1


This course surveys the major animal groups based upon their structural and chemical similarities. It fulfills the lower division preparation for advanced courses in Zoology and satisfies the elementary zoology requirements for medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, game specialists, teachers of biology and majors in the biological sciences. Off campus and on-campus field trips will be taken.


: Integrated Principles of ZOOLOGY, by Hickman, Roberts, and Larson, the Tenth edition

Lab Manual

: General Zoology Laboratory Guide, by Charles F. Lytle, twelfth edition


A. Growth and development
a. determination and differentiation
b. morphogenesis
c. embryonic cleavage
B. Histology and morphology of vertebrate animals
C. Classification and identification of Protozoa
D. Classification and identification of Porifera
E. Classification and identification of Cnideria
F. Classification and identification of Platyhelminthes
G. Classification and identification of Mollusca
H. Classification and identification of Annelida
I. Classification and identification of Arthropoda
J. Classification and identification of Echinodermata
K. Classification and identification of Chordata

Purposes and Goals of the Course:

1. To provide the students with a basic background in the following areas:
A. Basic zoological concepts
B. Basic morphology of major animal phyla
C. Basic taxonomy of animal phyla and other taxonomic groups
D. Identification of specific members of animal phyla
E. Dissection experience
F. Basic appearance of animal life.

Obligation of the Students

: Students are expected to meet the school attendance requirements. Students are expected to complete all class assignments as outlined on the semester course schedule.
1. Any cheating is not tolerated and dealt with accordingly.
2. There are 6 lecture exams each worth 100 points
3. The date of the exams will be announced a week before the exam.
4. There are 6 lab practical exams each worth 50 points, no make up for lab practical
5. There are weekly quizzes in the lab. Worth 100 points. Two lowest grades will be dropped. The field trip(s) worth 20 points, each.
6. If you miss any class, you are responsible for the handouts, notes, the announced date of exam, etc. from one of your classmate.
7. It is recommended to exchange phone numbers with a few of your classmates.
8. If you miss any exam, for any reason you are allowed to take only one make up exam during the announced date which is approximately a week prior to the beginning of the final exam. No make up quizzes or lab practical.
9. You are not allowed to drink, eat, and/or smoke in the lab or lecture.
10. Grading policy:
1000 - 900 A
899 - 800 B
799 - 700 C
699 - 600 D
599 or less F

11. Incomplete will NOT be given to anyone unless there is a medical or other inevitable excuses.