Instructor: Amir Assadi-Rad, Ph.D.
Office: Cunn 427
Phone: 954-5340

Department & Number: Biology 1 Title of course: Core Biology


This course covers basic biological phenomena common to all living organisms. The areas covered are : cellular and molecular levels of organization, genetics and mechanisms of hereditary in organic evolution, reproduction and development, and introductory concepts of taxonomy and ecology.


Biology Fourth Edition by Wallace, Sanders and Frel
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To provide students who are majored in Biology or related fields a basic understanding of the following areas:
A. Basic biological chemistry
B. Basic cell structure and function
C. Basic cell metabolism and enzyme activity
D. Basic cell reproduction and genetics
E. Basic evolutionary concepts
F. Basic diversity of species and Taxonomy
G. Basic ecological relationship among species
Also students in the laboratory should be able to:
A. use microscope
B. identify cell structure and distinguish between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.
C. understand and identify the 5 kingdoms


A. Fundamental Concepts in biology
a. scientific thinking
b. metric system
c. definition of life
B. Biological chemistry
a. lipids or fats
b. carbohydrates and sugars
c. protein
d. nucleic acids
f. enzymes activity
C. Cells
a. prokaryotic and eukaryotic
b. membranes structure and function
c. organelles function and structure
d. reproduction
e. metabolism, photosynthesis, respiration
D. Genetics
a. structure of DNA and RNA
b. protein synthesis
c. Mendel's theory
E. Classification of organisms
a. binomial nomenclature
b. the five kingdom
F. Evolution
G. Ecology
a. Biosphere
b. ecosystem

Obligation of the Student:

1. Any cheating is not tolerated and dealt accordingly.
2. There are 4 exams each worth 100 points, you have a full period to finish that exam. Final exam 2 hours.
3. The date of the exams will be announced a week before the exam.
4. There are two lab practical exams each worth 100 points, no make up for lab practical
5. There are weekly quizzes in the lab, or lab reports that needs to be handed in after lab. You are allowed to drop two quizzes or lab reports. Total of your quizzes and lab reports worth 100 points.
6. If you miss any class, you are responsible for the handouts, notes, the announced date of exam, etc. from one of your classmate.
7. It is recommended to exchange phone numbers with a few of your classmates
8. If you miss any exam, for any reason you are allowed to take only one make up exam during the announced date which is approximately a week prior to the beginning of the final exam. No make up quizzes or lab practical.
9. You are not allowed to drink, eat, and/or smoke in the lab or lecture. Please do not use your cellular phone or beeper in classroom.
10. Grading policy:
700 - 630 A
629 - 560 B
559 - 490 C
489 - 420 D
419 or less F
11. Incomplete will


be given to anyone unless there is a medical or other inevitable excuses.


At the end of the SOME of the lectures, there are going to be a 10 minutes quiz. These quizzes cover the materials that was discussed in previous lectures AND the same day lectures. So make sure you understand everything during lecture.