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San Joaquin Delta College
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 Information Technology  
Lee Belarmino District Data Center
Team Charter

SJDC Technology Planning Team Charter


As part of the California Community College system, it is imperative that San Joaquin Delta College (SJDC), like all educational institutions, must continually review the operational goals and philosophies pertaining to Information Technology (IT). While IT is an enterprise function and is paramount in helping SJDC meet it’s institutional goals, this must be done while balancing services, partnerships and fiscal responsibilities.

When balanced through a Technology Plan, IT can properly drive and support innovation and cutting edge technologies that will lead students, faculty and staff to achieve the goals of today and drive technology that will foster learning of tomorrow.


IT at Delta College has been viewed as a strategic component to the districts operational effectiveness and has been providing innovative solutions for many years beginning with System 2000, a mid-1990’s in-house developed Student Information System (SIS). The architecture of System 2000 has recently been upgraded to allow for new functionality, usage of today’s standards and is now known as System 2020. As part of the development, payroll was made a part of System 2020, allowing for modifications to be made by in-house programming staff

The System 2020 Platform will remain viable to the college’s success while the district explores development work utilizing the Kuali initiative, “Kuali Student”, as modules are ready and made available. Delta has a significant investment in the Kuali projects, starting with Kuali Financials which runs the districts financials.

The last Technology Plan was produced in September of 2011 and can now be used as the basis for a new technology plan that will provide leadership and vision in technology related areas of the district.


The purpose of this planning team is to assist the Chief Information Systems Officer and provide input in the development of the updated technology plan. The plan will include;


  • Implement best practices in utilizing technology;
  • Utilize sound fiscal approaches for deploying IT systems;
  • Develop strategies to ensure responsiveness of technology services to meet the needs of all district units.


The technology plan will provide the structure to ensure that the IT infrastructure, applications, and services are at appropriate levels to meet the needs of the district. The technology plan will also include a mechanism to review new IT systems, services or infrastructure before adoption to ensure they meet the specifications approved by the district, while taking into account security needs and fiscal considerations.

The technology plan will include tools for IT to use to measure progress in obtaining goals. The plan will also identify and encourage best practices to enhance student success, support the institutional goals and deliver top tier support to customers in the most cost-effective manner possible.


  1. Meetings will be held each (TBD)
  2. The first meeting will be 4/24/2014
  3. Meetings will be held in the Data Center Conference Room, from (TBD)
  4. Approved agendas and minutes of the meetings will be sent to all members prior to the meeting and will be maintained on the IT website.

Code of Conduct: Everyone has a voice and will be heard. Consensus will be done as a “Team”, no one group is bigger than the objective of the district.

Technology Planning Team

Members of this team are staff members from a broad range of academic and administrative areas that provide a district-wide representation and perspective. The members are:

Team Members
Dr. Charles Jennings Alyssa Nguyen Germie Pascua
Jan Williams Raquel Puentes-Griffith Jeff Menge
Sam Lo Karen Sea Edna Takahashi
Denise Donn Rita Verde-Fellows Danita Scott-Taylor
Cynthia Gatlin Dave Sartain (Chair)  


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