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 Information Technology  
Classrooms without Smart Panels
Budd 333
Cunningham 110, 242, 416, 429
Holt 415
Shima 236

Rooms with installed multimedia, but no Smart Panel, are fully equipped. The user may select any of several different sources, such as a computer, VCR, DVD player, or laserdisc player. Some rooms, but not all, have the ability to connect a laptop computer. These rooms rely on the projector’s remote control, in conjunction with an additional component inside the podium, to switch between sources. The remote control is also used to turn the projector on and off.

Getting Started:

Note: Almost all of the multimedia podiums are equipped with locks to ensure that the equipment remains in place and in good working order. Please be sure to pick up a key so that you have access to the presentation system. With the exception of the West Forum and Holt 213, all podiums are keyed alike.


Many of the rooms have an electric motorized screen. The control switch for the screen is generally a “rocker” switch and is usually found on the wall either adjacent to or behind the podium.

2. TURN THE PROJECTOR ON by pressing the “ON” button on projector’s remote control. (The remote control is generally stored inside the podium.)


  • VCR or DVD/VCR combination units

Use the projector’s remote control to select a video source.

Important note: All remotes are not the same! You should look for any of the following: “Video”, “Video1”, “Video 2”, or “Input 3”. Some remotes have a small rectangular icon representing a VCR on the correct button.

Locate the switcher (usually a “Kramer”) inside the podium.

Press the Power button on the switcher, and select the correct button.

To show a videotape or DVD, insert your tape or DVD and press “Play”. You also have the ability to fast forward, rewind, pause, search, and stop.

If you would like to access the Distribution System, please call the AV Deptartment by using the speed dial button on the classroom phone, and we will assist you.


Use the projector’s remote control to select a data source .

Important note: All remotes are not the same! You should look for any of the following: “Comp1”, “Data1”, “Data 2”, “Input 1”, or “Input 2”. Some remotes have a small icon representing a computer on the correct button.

To turn on the computer, press the Power buttons on the computer and the monitor.

Locate the switcher (usually a “Kramer” model) inside the podium. Press the Power button to turn it on, and select the correct button for the input you are using.


Make sure that the computer is turned on, open the drive tray, and insert the DVD. After closing the tray, the computer will usually prompt you regarding your DVD, or it may automatically start playing. In some cases, you may need to access the DVD software first.


If you wish to connect a laptop to the system, please contact the AV Department first to see if this is possible in your classroom.


Most classrooms are equipped with an amplifier and two external speakers for enhanced sound quality. The amplifier will need to be turned on by pressing the Power button. A few rooms do not have an amplifier; in this case, the built-in speaker on the projector is used.

To increase or lower the volume, usethe main “Volume” knob on the amplifier.

Shutting Down:

At the conclusion of your presentation or class, please TURN OFF the projector by pressing the “OFF” button on the remote control. This will help to alleviate unnecessary lamp time on the projector.

Additionally, please turn off all other equipment and return the remote control to the inside of the podium.

Finally, please be sure to RE-LOCK the podium doors.

Please report any technical difficulties to the Audio Visual Department. You may call us by using the speed dial button on the classroom phone. We will be glad to assist you over the phone or set up an appointment to meet you.


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