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Power Mac Software Instructions

Downloading Campus Software for Macintosh Systems

The new Multimedia Macintosh units have a folder for Instructors to use for Storing data. This folder may also be used for installing new software from the Software Server.

Adding New Software from the Software Server for the Macintosh Demo Units

1. Open the Chooser. (located under the Apple)
2. Select the AppleShare Icon.
3. In the "AppleTalk Zones" box. Scroll down until you can select the SOFTWARE SERVER .
5. Select the OK button
6. Select the radio button for the GUEST option. There is no password needed.
7. Select SOFTWARE or SOFTWARE 2 as needed.

When you start the software installation, read the READ ME file first, then simply direct the installer to save the software into the INSTRUCTOR folder.

When Software is Not Available on the Software Server:

All software used on the campus must be licensed to run at Delta College. Software must have been tested and approved as compatible to the system prior to its use. Please submit a Software Request for any software to be installed in a classroom. Software Request forms are available by e-mail request from Information Services. If the software must be ordered for testing, please allow at least 6 weeks for the process.

Software not available on the server, such as disks or CD ROMS that come with a text, may be loaded (by Information Services staff) as long as the licensing allows it. If you plan to use a CD ROM that comes with a text, please provide the Academic Computing Lab Staff with the software at least 7 to 10 working days prior to your intended use. Please test the software a least two days ahead of the class. Please do not plan on emergency, same day response to assist with software.

Internet Downloads:

Only software that is licensed for use on Delta College is to be used on these systems. You may download internet freeware for use in class demonstrations on an as needed basis. Please put any downloaded freeware in the Instructor Folder.

The person who downloads and Internet based software is responsible for its operation. If there are licensing issues , the user must complete a Software Request in order that licensing may be accomplished for Delta College.

If any freeware downloaded by a user causes any problems or conflicts with any pre-exisiting software, the freeware will be deleted.


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