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Forum AV Instructions
Powering the System ON
  • Starting at the bottom of the equipment rack and moving upward, turn on each piece of equipment. (Note: the main power switch is already on.)
  • To turn on the LCD projector, press and hold the RED DISPLAY button until it flashes. The projector will begin warming up, and light should be visible through its lens.
  • To select a source for display, press the appropriate button, i.e., "PC", "Mac", "Laptop", "VCR", or "Laserdisc".
  • To control the volume levels, rotate the knob on the mixer below the black arrow. This knob is labeled "SYSTEM VOLUME".

Note: In order for the computer monitor to display while the projector is off, press either the white "PC" button or the white "MAC" button only.


Note: Cables for connecting a laptop are located behind the computer monitor.

Powering the System OFF

IMPORTANT:Please follow this sequence when shutting down the system.

It is essential to start your shutdown with the LCD Projector.

  • Press and hold the RED DISPLAY button until it flashes. The light showing through the projector's lens will go out.
  • The RED DISPLAY button will continue to flash until the projector has completely shut down. Once the red button has stopped flashing, you may begin turning off the remainder of the system.
  • Starting at the top of the equipment rack and working down, turn off each piece of equipment. (Note: the main power switch will remain ON.)
  • Once everything is off, please re-lock both podium doors.

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