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Web Design Guidelines and Procedures

Statement of Purpose

San Joaquin Delta College’s Intranet, which is represented by the Delta College Website, supports the teaching, research, campus services, divisions, and outreach missions of the college. The Delta College Website is seen as an open, accessible and interactive medium for the delivery of instruction, information, and applications for the use of the college community.

The Delta College Website presents an image of the college to the world and stands as an official publication of the San Joaquin Delta Community College District. Web pages that are supported by the District’s resources must therefore undergo the same scrutiny, meet the same standards, and present timely and accurate information, as is the case of any other form of official District publication. Delta College employees that post Web pages hosted by District resources have the responsibility to utilize college design guidelines and to use these resources in an efficient, ethical, and legal manner.

These guidelines were developed by the Intranet Design Team as directed by the President and with approval of the President’s Council and Campus Information Services Committee. The District reserves the right, at its own discretion, to change, limit, or expand these guidelines in the future.

District Guidelines for Intranet Use and Web Design

The District’s computing network and resources provide the tools and a conduit for distribution of support services and information related to the mission and goals of the District. The District does not participate in formation of the content of any communications other than those made by authorized people and employees of the institution. Accordingly, such content must be consistent with the District’s instruction, research, service, outreach and administrative objectives.

The District’s computing resource users must be aware of and abide by the design standards and guidelines that appear below. The District will not actively police individual Web pages but will deal with problem situations as they become apparent. Depending upon the severity of the situation, the District will adhere to appropriate procedures to address noncompliance, which may include any of the following: 1) communication with user, with a time frame established in which noncompliance may be corrected; 2) removal of pages, content or links to specific material if noncompliance continues after communication with user; 3) closing accounts or access.

The college does not support or host student Websites or pages.

Accessibility Guidelines and Standards

The advantages to employing accessible Web design go beyond the need to make information available to people with disabilities and comply with Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Accessible Web pages insure that information can reach the broadest audience possible by providing accommodation for physical limitations, language, age, limited technology, and other factors that may affect access to Web based information. Utilization of accessible design standards facilitates effective Web design and compatibility across more browsers.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Federal government have established standards for accessible design. The Federal standards in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act require all Federal agencies to make electronic and information technologies accessible. While not specifically identified in Section 508, it is expected that educational institutions will need to comply with the standards in order to insure that all students have access to online courses and services.

The Delta College Website will meet the standards established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Access Initiative (WAI) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Responsibility Agreement for Delta Website Users

The District’s computer, data storage, and network services shall be used in a manner consistent with District Board of Trustee’s Policies and Procedures. All activities inconsistent with these objectives are considered to be inappropriate and may jeopardize continued use of computing resources and networks.

To be authorized to use the District’s computing and network resources to mount and maintain a Website or page, users must understand and agree to the following:

District resources shall not be used for any illegal activity or any activity prohibited by District policies, procedures, or regulations.

District resources shall not be used to advertise or sell any products or services that are not part of official District approved activities and business.

All users--including students, faculty, and staff will abide by all copyright or other intellectual property laws and regulations. Any user who violates this commitment agrees to be responsible for all liability and other claims resulting from such violation and shall indemnify and hold harmless the District from any costs, expenses or liability that might be asserted or imposed upon it or any of its officers, agents, or affiliates as a result of this violation.

Users shall avoid any action that interferes with the efficient operation of the network system or impedes the flow of information necessary for academic or administrative operations of the District.

Web Ownership

District faculty and staff may create and/or maintain personal pages on District equipment at the discretion of the District.

A manager will designate an individual in his or her area to be responsible for the creation and maintenance of division, department, or office Web pages. This individual will be a “Web Author.” In the case of an individual (personal) Web page, the individual will bear all responsibility for the page.

A Web Author will be responsible for maintaining division, department, office, or personal web pages that are submitted to the Delta Website. The Web Author will be responsible for meeting the Delta College design standards.

The Web Author will be required to have training on Delta Website design standards and options. Web Authors will be responsible for all of the content and updates on the assigned Website.

Web Authors will be responsible for written permissions necessary for use of copyrighted materials and photographs of minor children. Copyright permission applies to the use of text, logos, photographs, drawings, video clips, sound clips or other copyrighted visual images. Photographs of minor children will not be used without written permission from a parent or guardian. Photographs of adult staff and students may be used on the Web under the guidelines that they are there as part of the public informational or educational activities and events at Delta College and are not portrayed in a false or offensive manner. It is recommended that for individual portraits, that permission of the subject be obtained in writing.

Web Design Standards for San Joaquin Delta Community College District

Basic Design Standards
Guidelines for San Joaquin Delta Community College District Official Web pages that represent the college, a division, department, program, or individual of the District are expected to follow the same professional and graphic standards that apply to official publications in any other medium. Templates, web design resources and guidelines are available on the District’s Website to assist users in implementing pages and sites that meet District standards.

There is one official home page for the District that is maintained by the Webmaster.

Divisions and departments will use the standard templates in order to maintain consistency in design and navigation. Divisions and Departments will include a minimum of the following information on their home page:
Title of the division or department (On a department home page, the title of the parent division must be included under the department title)
Descriptive information about the division/department. (Purpose, mission, goals, services, certificates offered, etc.)
Contact information
Office hours, location, phone, e-mail.

Staff and faculty individual pages that are linked to their division/department pages and/or convey official college information will meet Delta College design and accessibility standards. Standard templates are available for these pages. The templates were designed to provide standard contact information consistent with a college publication.

Faculty who have course materials on a personal web site will need to design these pages so that they meet accessibility standards.

Staff who choose to use non-standard design elements for a personal page will have their pages listed only on the Personal Pages site. Non-standard personal pages will not be linked to a department or division as they do not represent an official college publication. The college has the option of not hosting personal pages.

A variety of color options are provided as templates. The divisions and departments are encouraged to work out a consistent color theme, utilizing these templates, for their sites.

Proper grammar and spelling will be used throughout the site.

References and links to external sites that market commercial products and services should be in the context of an instructional related example or resource and not for profit.

Users are responsible for the security of their site accounts and services as described in Board Policy 8900.

Text fonts for Web pages will be established in the templates. The users may adjust font sizes as needed, but the styles must remain compatible with the template design.

To maintain ease of use and navigational consistency in the site, the basic structure of the template should be maintained. The basic elements for consistency are the header, background, and navigation box on left.

Text will not be animated.

Long lists, especially of links, will be alphabetized. Short lists, i.e. fewer than 10 items, can be ordered in terms of importance to the user and ease of access for users.

Text should be presented in cohesive topics or information “chunks”. Think “magazine article” or newspaper style not “book.” If text is multi-paged, a PDF file may be more appropriate. There are accessibility issues with PDF files that would need to be resolved prior to publication of the file.

Graphic Images
Photographic type images will use jpeg. Line art may use gif. Images must be optimized to insure fast downloads. Web safe colors will be used.

Generally animations incorporated in informational Websites provide little, if any, value for the user. They are generally not compliant with accessibility standards. Division and department home pages should avoid use of animations unless they clearly provide value to the content, readability, and usability of the site. Animations requiring the user to download plug-ins are not acceptable.

The Web site must pass the “Webxact-Bobby Test” at CAST: In addition the designer will want to be familiar with accessibility issues related to Web design. Accessibility resources and links are provided at the World Wide Web Consortium link to the Web Accessibility Initiative at

Web Authors’ Acknowledgement:

Designation of “Delta Web Author” will be accomplished by an e-mail to the Web Services Coordinator( with a message identifying the Delta Web Author, the department, area, or personal pages for which the person is responsible. In the case of division or department sites, a supervising manager will make this notification. Assuming the role of an official Delta Web Author means that the individual has:

  • Agreed to abide by Delta College’s Web guidelines and design standards as posted.
  • Acquired or will acquire appropriate training for Web design and maintenance.







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