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San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, California. A two year community college, founded in 1932, located in the central San Joaquin Valley, eight miles east of San Francisco and forty miles south of Sacramento. The population of the San Joaquin Delta area is composed predominately of low-income families, the average median income is $26,876 as compared to the state median income of $55,209. San Joaquin County was ranked 4th in growth in California in 2003 with Hispanic as the fastest growing population.

Contact Person: Dr. Mary Ann Cox. Phone: 209-954-5631; Email:

Single Activity--$2,045,594 over five years, Increasing Hispanic Students Transfer Rates and Completion of Two-Year Transferable Program, with three major components: Instructional and Student Services Interventions; Curriculum Development; and Faculty Professional Development.

Instructional and Students Services Interventions will strengthen learning assistance through cross-disciplinary tutoring, advising, mentoring services, and appropriate placement in mathematics; and establish a new Mathematics/Science Learning Center and integrating the Reading/Writing Center. Sample of key measures: a.) Success in developmental bridging math will increase by 24% over Fall 2002 baseline. b.) Success in gateway transfer English will increase by 21% above the Fall 2002 baseline. c.) Success in gateway transfer Biology will rise by 25% above the Fall 2002 baseline

Curriculum Development will include a reading/writing/study skills course to support student success in Developmental Bridging Mathematics; a reading/writing/study skills course to support student success in Gateway Transfer Science; structuring the curriculum to form paired and clustered Learning Communities based on interrelationships between English (reading/writing/ESL) mathematics, and science; and development of Supplemental Instruction. Sample of key measures: a.) Paired courses in English will be established with gateway transfer courses Biology, chemistry and math.

Faculty Professional Development will include educational training and implementation of Teaching Communities and in the acculturation of Hispanics, research based learning assistance and structures preferred by Hispanics, and the process for acquisition of a second language. Sample key measure: Hispanic graduation rates will increase from the 2002 baseline figures in Engineering, 30%, Nursing, 20%, Electron Microscopy, 30%, and Teaching, 30%.

Project Management and Evaluation $506,116 over five years.

To support the successful implementation of the Activity and institutionalization of new practices post-grant, strong management and evaluation plans have been developed. Open communication and strong monitoring for compliance underscore the Management Plan. A research analyst and an external evaluator will work with the Title V team to assure a valid, third-party evaluation of formative and summative outcomes.