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Honor Roll

Delta Players Drafted by a Professional Baseball Team

Delta College Major Leaguers

Jason Bartlett
Phil Coke
Ken Huckaby
Eddie Guardado

Jason Bartlett

John Foster

John Foster

Phil Coke

Craig Mineto

Craig Mineto

Ken Huckaby


Pat Jacquez

Eddie Guardado

Ron Stone

Ron Stone


Listed below are Delta players from 1967 to present that were
drafted by a professional baseball team



Cameron Avilla-Leeper San Francisco Giants 2015
Collin Theroux Minnesota Twins 2015
Dean Kremer San Diego Padres 2015
Jordan Devencenzi Oakland A's via University of Nevada 2015
Marcus Mastrobuoni Chicago Cubs via Cal State Stanislaus 2015
Eric Sandness Kansas City Royals 2014
Steven Patterson Cleveland Indians via UC Davis 2014
Jeff McKenzie Chicago White Sox via Cal State Bakersfield 2013
Nick Parent Chicago White Sox via Cla State Monterey 2013
Jared Schlehuber Kansas City Royals via Oral Roberts 2012
Trevor Miller Seattle Mariners 2011
Jake Cose Chicago White Sox 2011
Stephen Malcolm Philadelphia Phillies 2010
Travis Simas Tampa Bay Rays via University Nevada Reno 2009
Dakota Watts Minnesota Twins via Cal State Stanislaus 2009
Kevin Childs Los Angeles Dodgers via Culver Stockton 2009
Steve Spurgeon Chicago White Sox via UOP 2006
Jacob Myking Kansas City Royals 2005
Chris Henry Colorado Rockies 2004
Chris Malone Kansas City Royals 2003
Danny Anderson Toronto Blue Jays 2002
Phil Coke New York Yankees 2002
Steve Newson Atlanta Braves 2001
Jason Bartlett Minnesota Twins 1999
Robert Glaser Florida Marlins 1999
Tony Gomes Los Angeles Dodgers 1998
Joey Sergent Florida Marlins via Lamar University 1998
John Foster Atlanta Braves via Lewis and Clark 1998
Jeff Phipps Baltimore Orioles 1996
James Slaughter Colorado Rockies 1995
John Garrison Colorado Rockies 1995
Brandon Bowe Los Angeles Dodgers 1995
Steve Cardona Texas Rangers 1993
Ricky Milligan Boston Red Sox 1992
Ken Huckaby

Los Angeles Dodgers

Lorenzo Hidalgo San Francisco Giants 1991
Eddie Guardado

Minnesota Twins

Larry Lucchetti Minnesota Twins 1990
Mike Leland Boston Red Sox 1986
Heath Lane Texas Rangers 1986
William Rabb Milwaukee Brewers 1986
Jeff Jones New York Yankees 1986
Anthony Peterson Kansas City Royals 1986
Kevin Miller New York Mets 1986
Ben Blackmun Philadelphia Phillies 1985
Mike Belanger Oakland Athletics 1984
Tom Mandich Baltimore Orioles 1984
Carl Jones New York Yankees 1984
Andy Pratt Los Angeles Dodgers 1983
Tim Finch Philadelphia Phillies 1981
David Gray Baltimore Orioles 1981
Louis Lanini San Fransisco Giants 1981
Tim Finch Philadelphia Phillies 1981
Scott Meier Chicago White Sox 1981
Brad Mettler Boston Red Sox 1981
Mark Mendez New York Yankees 1980
Bill Davis Oakland Athletics 1980
Mike Moreno Minnesota Twins 1980
Chris Ray California Angels 1980
Dennis Ivy San Francisco Giants 1980
Ron Cashore Baltimore Orioles 1980
Joe Olivas San Francisco Giants 1980
Phillip Jackson Cleveland Indians 1980
George Cecchetti Cleveland Indians 1979
Brian Meier Cleveland Indians 1979
Gene Hernandez San Francisco Giants 1979
James Tunnell San Diego Padres 1978
David Dodson Minnesota Twins 1978
Everett Rey Minnesota Twins 1977
John Kniss Oakland Athletics 1976
Steven Rice Minnesota Twins 1975
Doug Heinz Montreal Expos 1974
Craig Minetto Los Angeles Dodgers 1973
David Lozano New York Mets 1973
William Sims San Diego padres 1971
Ronald Erion Pittsburg Pirates 1970
Frank Martin Cincinnati Reds 1970
Carl Bennett Baltimore Orioles 1969
William Hall Cleveland Indians 1969
Sam Viney Pittsburg Pirates 1968
Lee Chilton California Angels 1968
Pat Jacquez Chicago Cubs 1967

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