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class gathered for demonstrationAmerica's workplace is changing. Current technology and emerging technological advances constantly increase innovation, productivity, and competitiveness in a truly global economy. To meet the new challenges of advancing technology in the workplace, San Joaquin Delta College (SJDC) is in partnering with Caterpillar and its dealerships to produce high-performance technicians ready to fill productive roles in both business and society, today, and into the future.


During the first two years, the program devotes approximately half of the time to technical/academic education at SJDC. The remaining time is for on-the-job experience at sponsoring CAT dealerships. Each block of technical and general education is followed by an immediate dealer internship which reistudent working on computernforces the technical education. These intern periods are approximately eight weeks in length each. It is essential for the success of the program that the student's education at SJDC and the dealership work experience be closely aligned for maximum learning and retention. This is a paid internship that provides the student with the opportunity to pay for his/her education while receiving valuable work experience. College fees, textbooks, travel expenses, and housing costs are the responsibility of the student. A prescribed tool set will be provided to each student to use while enrolled in this program. During the last two years of the program, students will be full-time apprentice technicians at the sponsoring CAT dealership receiving additional on-the-job training. This training provides the technician with the opportunity to further develop and enhance the skills necessary for journey-level certification


Technical training on Caterpillar equipment and componentry includes the latest developments in engine repair, hydraulic systems, electrical and electronic systems, test procedures and diagnostic tools. CaterpillarIn addition to the technical curriculum, general education courses will be offered to provide students with the background necessary for effective communication of ideas and the development of interpersonal skills. Such courses include mathematics, composition and technical writing, business and ethics, and others.

On-the-Job Training

The internship and apprenticeship phases of the program allow students to apply what they have learned during the previous classroom/lab sessions, in a "real world" setting. In addition, students will become familiar with the dealership environment, its organizational structure, and the competencies that are expected of a professional service technician.

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