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San Joaquin Delta College
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Purchasing Department
Purchasing Director's Message

Welcome to San Joaquin Delta College Purchasing Department.  The primary responsibility for the procurement of all supplies, equipment and services as well as Public Works Bidding process for San Joaquin Delta College has been delegated by the District’s Board of Trustees to a centralized Purchasing Department.

All procedures are designed to conform to the laws of the State of California and the policies and regulations established by the Board of Trustees to assure that purchases are property authorized and result in quality goods or services being delivered to the designated locations at the appropriate time, in the right quantity, and at the lower possible cost.

The purchasing staff is expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, ethical and professional manner; to maintain good relations with faculty, staff, and vendors. Grant all competitive vendors equal consideration; to regard each transaction on its’ own merits; and to foster and promote fair, ethical and legal trade practices.

The District encourages the participation of local and/or small businesses, including, but not limited to, minority, women, disabled, veteran or disabled veteran owned businesses, as suppliers, prime contractors or subcontractors/suppliers for the prime contractor, as permitted by Public Contract Code Section 2002 and per the District’s Administrative Procedure 6330.

We hope that the Vendors will use these procedures as a guideline in dealing with the District.  We appreciate their interest and service to the District and hope that all associations with us will be mutually pleasant and beneficial.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (209) 954-5065 or via e-mail at

Maria G. Bernardino
Director of Purchasing

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Responsibilities and Objectives The sole purpose of the San Joaquin Delta College Purchasing Department is to ensure appropriate purchasing regulations and procedures are established and to maintain the sacred trust of conducting business in a business-like manner to achieve the highest standards of fairness, honesty, and integrity.  To that end, the Purchasing Department has developed specific objectives:
  • Coordinate the procurement of goods and services for all Academic and Administrative Departments of the District;
  • Develop and maintain a good working relationship with campus departments through an understanding of their purpose and objectives
  • Give all qualified vendors an equal opportunity
  • Develop and maintain sources of supply such as commodity mailing lists and catalog library
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of manufacturing technology, vendor competence, and competitive marketing conditions as they relate to the material, equipment, supply and service requirements of the District
  • Test and evaluate various commodities to ensure proper balance of quality and monetary expenditures;
  • Refer information regarding new or improved products and exceptional buys to departments using those products
  • Expedite delivery of urgently needed good and/or services; and,
  • Secure competitive bids whenever possible to obtain maximum value from the expenditure of District funds.
On the other hand, the vendors doing business with San Joaquin Delta College must:
  • Conduct business with us with a deep concern for honesty, fairness, and integrity.
  • Assist us in our buying problems remembering that they are our best source of information.
  • Comply with local Board of Trustees rules, regulations and legal code provisions applying to public school purchasing; Federal, State, county and local.
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Ethics It is the policy of the District to neither solicit nor accept gratuities, favors, or anything of monetary value from any current or potential supplier of goods or services per Govenment Code 81000-91014 and District Policy 1300. Vendors must refrain from offering such gifts or gratuities to any college personnel.  All purchases will be made on the basis of quality, price and delivery terms offered for required materials and/or services.

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How to do Business with San Joaquin Delta College In order to be added to the College’s Vendor Mailing list, a Vendor Information Form should be filled out and returned to the Purchasing Department.  The Vendor Information Form can be obtained by clicking here: Vendor Information/W9 Form.pdf

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Bond Information Thanks to the voters of the San Joaquin Delta Community College District, Measure L, a $250 million bond measure, successfully passed on March 2, 2004.  This measure will provide the necessary funds to improve and expand the districts educational centers.  New classrooms, computer labs, and science labs will accommodate expanded job training and academic programs.  As a result, San Joaquin Delta College will help to provide a better-educated workforce, which will benefit local business and stimulate our economy.

For Business Opportunities related to the Bond Program, visit the Delta College’s Web Page at

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The Role of the Vendor’s Representative Below are some of the ways the Purchasing Department may use the Vendor’s Representative as one of the most efficient tools – they are specialists in their product line and are able to provide us with the following information:
  • Product knowledge
  • Prevailing market conditions
  • Current business trends
  • Assist in expediting orders
  • Assist in follow-up
  • Recommend other sources
  • Help in emergency situations
  • Help in specification writing
  • Provide product demonstrations
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Vendor Requirements The following information is being provided to current and prospective vendors to remind them of certain requirements that must be met when providing material or services to the college.
  1. Service Providers: If you are a service provider, please be aware that prior to the award of the project, you will be expected to submit your Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance Certificate for a minimum of $1,000,000 showing San Joaquin Delta College as the “Additional Insured” and not as a “Certificate Holder.” The Contract and Purchase Order will not be issued until the above requirements are met.
  2. Prevailing Wage: The Contractor shall observe and comply with all requirements set forth in the Labor Code, Sections 1770 et Set., Governing Prevailing Wage Rates and Employment of Apprentices, Labor code, Section 1777.5 and Section 1811-1815 Governing Hours of Work. Current prevailing wage rates can be obtained from the Department of Labor Relations @
  3. Video Tape Suppliers: In order to comply with the Office of Civil Rights, we are now requesting closed-captioned versions of all video recordings we order, if available. In the case where the closed-captioned version is not available, the regular version videotape will be acceptable.
  4. Electronic/Computer related orders: Vendor must warrant that the products or services to be provided for the College comply with the accessibility requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of  1973, as amended (29 U.S.C.794d), and its implementing regulations set forth by Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations, part 1194.  The definition for Section 508 can be found at Vendor agrees to promptly respond to and resolve any complaint regarding accessibility of its products or services, which is brought to their attention. Vendor further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless San Joaquin Delta College District, the Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges, and any California Community College using the vendor’s products or services from any claim arising out of its failure to comply with the aforesaid requirements.  Failure to comply with these requirements shall constitute a breach and be grounds for termination of the agreement, or purchase order.
  5. Chemical Providers: The seller must provide to San Joaquin Delta College, 5151 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA 95207-6370, and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each product, which contains any substance on “The List of 800 Hazardous Substances,” published by the State Director of Industrial Relations. (See Hazardous Substances Information and Training Act California State Labor Code, Section 6360 thru 6399.7). The MSDS must be submitted with every shipment or within 10 days of invoice.
  6. Where applicable, items must conform to CAL-OSHA/Hazmat requirements.
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Appointments: Are they necessary? Appointments are necessary because the purchasing personnel can not put their time absolutely and indiscriminately at the disposal of all sales representatives; however, they still have an obligation of courtesy and should give manufacturers, vendors, or distributor’s reasonable consideration.

Making an appointment guarantees:
  • An audience with the appropriate purchasing personnel
  • Maximum utilization of buyer’s and seller’s time
  • An opportunity to set up the meeting to include other personnel
  • Adequate time for preparation or compilation of topics to be discussed with the sales representative
  • The opportunity to enhance public relations
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Know who is authorized to commit the district’s funds In each school district the Governing Board of Trustees shall designate District Officials who shall be authorized to sign purchase orders and other purchase or contractual obligations of the District. San Joaquin Delta College Board of Trustees has designated the Vice President of Business Services to sign purchase orders. The Superintendent is the designated official to sign contractual obligations of the district. San Joaquin Delta College is not responsible for purchases made other than through the Purchasing Department The departments or individuals making such purchases may be held liable for payment to the vendor. As a vendor, you would be protecting yourself and your company if you made the following inquiries:
  • What signature or signatures are valid when doing business with San Joaquin Delta College?
  • Does San Joaquin Delta College issue a verbal Purchase Order number?
  • Is it necessary to verify the Purchase Order number given verbally?
  • When an individual is picking up materials on a verbal purchase order number it is a good idea to ask for identification, proof of employment with the district, etc.
  • Open or Yearly Purchase Orders must specify the name of the individuals authorized to pick up the order.
  • Unsolicited phone calls or sales calls directly to department(s) are not permitted. Vendors are required to contact the Purchasing Department, who is the college authorized purchasing agent for any purchasing related questions.
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Bypassing Purchasing Department - The Risk Occasionally a sales representative will bypass the Purchasing Department and make a sale directly to a person or department. There are definite RISKS in doing business with San Joaquin Delta College in this matter – below are a few examples:
  1. San Joaquin Delta College may not be liable for goods furnished without an authorized purchase order and the requestor placing the order may be personally liable for the purchase.
  2. Payment MAY NOT be made if the proper procedure has not been followed.
    • Requisition processed so department can be charged
    • Purchase Order issued so funds can be encumbered
    • Funds set aside so payment can be guaranteed
    • Proof of delivery so invoice can be approved for payment
  3. Vendor will be faced with these two possibilities:
    • At best – payment will be delayed
    • Worst yet – Vendor may not be able to get paid, since purchase was not authorized
  4. Vendors should work directly with the Purchasing Department to ensure payment
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Purchase Orders – A Contract A Purchase Order is a legal contract between San Joaquin Delta College and vendor. It should contain a clear description of each item listed and/or a statement to the effect that materials and services furnished shall be in accordance with certain specifications and conditions. Purchase Order modifications are to be made by the Purchasing Department.  A purchase order should also include the following:
  • Title of form “Purchase Order”
  • Purchase Order number
  • Name of San Joaquin Delta College, billing address, shipping address and phone number
  • Vendors name and address
  • Quantity, unit, description, unit price, extensions, and item availability
  • Authorized Signature
  • Date, terms and conditions
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Bid Procedures: Make yourself aware No contract or purchase order for procurement or Public Construction Works Projects that exceeds the Public Contract Code (PCC 20651) bid limits will be issued without required competitive bids and notifications unless it’s an emergency as defined in the Public Construction Code 20654. The procurement formal bid threshold is established on a yearly basis, by the Chancellor’s Office and approved by the Board of Governors.

The formal bid threshold for Public Construction Works Projects is $15,000. It is an unlawful to split or separate a project into smaller work orders or projects any work, project, service, or purchase for the purpose of evading the competitive bidding process. (PCC 20657).

If a vendor wants to be an active bidder for the college, the vendor should:
  • Fill out a Vendor Information Form to be placed on the bidder’s list
  • List all commodities they are interested in bidding
  • Supply samples when applicable, or as requested
  • Follow the Bid Instructions and Conditions for the bidding process
  • Have the signed bid delivered by the designated time
  • Enclose the 10% bid bond with the bid, when applicable
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Bid Award Procedure For the purpose of securing informal bids, the District requires at least three (3) Requests for Quotes, (RFQ) for any materials or services up to the formal bid amount established on a yearly basis, by the Chancellor’s Office and approved by the Board of Governors.

For the purpose of securing formal bids, the Purchasing Department shall publish at least once a week for two weeks in a newspaper of general circulation published in the district, circulated in the county, a notice calling for bids stating the material or supplies to be furnished or work to be done, and the time and place the bid will be opened.

To obtain project information about San Joaquin Delta College current projects and specifications click on

The Purchasing Department shall open and summarize the bids. The bids and results of the summary are available for public review. (See procedure for reviewing bid results).

When a bidder(s) determines the summary or recommendation of award by the Purchasing Officer is not to their satisfaction, the next step is to follow the bid protest procedure.

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Procedure for reviewing bid results Bid results are public information and bidders are encouraged to attend the formal bid openings, when applicable. However, if the bidder cannot attend the openings he will be allowed, by appointment, to review the bid results at a time convenient for the Purchasing Department. The bids shall NOT be removed from the Purchasing Department. This also applies to the informal bid process. The obvious advantages of reviewing the bid results are:
  • Knowing what your competition is doing
  • Being better prepared for the next bid
  • Gain product knowledge
  • Another chance to enhance public relations
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Bid Protest Procedure Any respondent may file a protest against the awarding of the contract. The protesting respondent shall file with San Joaquin Delta College a full and complete written statement specifying the grounds for the protest. Protests shall be made in writing and delivered to: San Joaquin Delta College, Vice President of Business Services 5151 Pacific Avenue, Stockton CA 95207-6370 or faxed to the Purchasing Department at 209-954-5601.

Following the receipt of a protest, San Joaquin Delta College will determine whether the protest is to be resolved by written submission of material or decided by a “Protest Review Committee.” The decision of San Joaquin Delta College shall be final. All parties will be notified of the decision within 30 days following the receipt of the complete written statement specifying the grounds for protest.

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Delivery: As directed by Purchasing Department All purchase orders will have a “Ship to” address indicated. All supplies and equipment must be delivered as directed. San Joaquin Delta College has a Central Receiving, where goods are received and signed for. Problems are numerous when delivery instructions are not followed unless otherwise specified on purchase order. Such as:
  • Receipt of merchandise may not be reported
  • Packing slips are misplaced/lost or destroyed
  • Problems resulting from damages or discrepancies create serious delays in processing payment.
  • Bill of Lading will not have an authorized signature
  • Help for off loading supplies or equipment may not be available
  • Staff are not authorized to pick up merchandise unless authorized by Purchasing Department
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Payment of Invoices - What you need to know. Processing payment to the vendor after the contract has been fulfilled whether it is for services or materials should be a very simple process, however, this is not always the case. The information below should help both the buyer and seller develop a more concise picture of what must happen before payment can be issued.
  • The vendor should inquire about the payment process before they accept the purchase order.
  • Delivery must be made as directed on the purchase order.
  • An authorized signature certifying that the articles have been received, that the quantities are correct and that the services reported were performed.
  • A clear concise invoice that includes the following:
    1. Vendor’s name and address
    2. Purchaser’s name and address
    3. Purchase Order number
    4. Invoice date
    5. Quantity (units)
    6. Description of Materials/Services
    7. Unit Cost/Extended cost
    8. Amount due, including sales tax and other applicablecharges
    9. Terms
  • Separate invoices must be submitted for each Purchase Order.
  • San Joaquin Delta College Purchase Orders do not include sales tax. The current sales tax will be applied at the time of payment.
  • If items are back ordered and the vendor wants partial payment – they must invoice accordingly.
  • To ensure prompt payment, San Joaquin Delta College processes weekly payment registers.
Purchasing Department welcome suppliers and vendors to visit and become familiar with Districts purchasing policies and procedures. We look forward to your visit which we hope will be mutually informative and beneficial for you as well as for the District.

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Purchasing Department

Director of Purchasing
Maria G. Bernardino ..................... (209) 954-5065

Purchasing Supervisor
Linda Kelso .................................... (209) 954-5065


Debby Stapelberg......................... (209) 954-5067

Kellie Silva ............................ (209) 954-5683

Doreen Castles .............................. (209) 954-5094


Commodities per Buyer

Commodities per Buyer

Purchasing Hours:Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm.
We suggest vendors make an appointment to guarantee appropriate purchasing
personnel are available.
Deliveries will be accepted between 7:30am and 4:30pm unless otherwise arranged.

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Driving Directions San Joaquin Delta College campus located in north Stockton at 5151 Pacific Avenue.

Traveling north on Hwy 99 take the Cross-town Freeway to Interstate 5 and head north to March Lane.

From the San Francisco Bay area, take Hwy 205 to Interstate 5 and head north to March Lane.

Traveling east on Hwy 12, take Interstate 5 and head south to March Lane.

Traveling east from Hwy 4, take Interstate 5 and head north to March Lane.

Traveling north or south on Interstate 5, take the March Lane exit and drive east. Turn left at Pacific Avenue and drive north to the college’s main entrance at Yokuts Avenue.

Traveling south Hwy 99, take the Hammer Lane exit. Turn left on Hammer Lane and drive west. Turn left on Pacific Avenue and drive south to the college’s main entrance at Yokuts Avenue.

As you enter the College’s main entrance on Pacific Avenue, you will need to keep to your right or your left. While driving around the frontage road, the parking lots are located around the perimeter of the college and as long as you have a parking permit, you can park in any of the parking lots. Parking Permits are required. Parking Permit dispensers are available in all parking lots and daily permits can be purchased for $1.00 per day.

Refer to the Campus Police Parking Information Page, here:

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Contact Information
Maria Bernardino
Director of Purchasing
(209) 954-5065
Fax (209) 954-3737

Office Hours:
M - F. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Office Location:
Lower Danner B-4
5151 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95207

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