Steven M. Schermerhorn

Coordinator of Technical Services and Systems

Determine local cataloging policy
Complex copy cataloging
Original cataloging
Subject analysis
Authority control

Reference/Instruction/Faculty responsibilities
Answer library users' information inquiries
Teach library users how to use library resources
Suggest information resources to library users
Help students evaluate their information needs
Participate in conducting library workshops
Collaborate with other library coordinators in providing and enhacing library services
Serve on various committees

Supervision and Training
Provide general supervision to Technical Services staff
Provide on-the-job training for all the library staff, as needed
Evaluate the TS staff

System management
Perform routine and complex systems management tasks
Manage library's DRA datafiles for optimum performance
Maintain the public and staff interfaces to the library's catalog and web-pages
Implement and leverage the DRA software to the maximum benefit of the library
Create reports

Acquisitions and Budgeting
Oversee implementation of order and receiving procedures
Track expenditures

Evaluate new technologies to include in the library's service offerings

Knowledge Enhancement and Education
Attend training and read journal literature in my area

Physical procesing of materials
Oversight and support of staff