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 photo of technicianGet a jump start on a great career working with Caterpillar equipment. The Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician Program is a sure catalyst for personal growth and a rewarding, lifelong career. This four-year, state-approved apprenticeship program is centered solely around Caterpillar equipment training through the Heavy Equipment & Diesel Technology Department at San Joaquin Delta College.

During the first two years of the program, students spend approximately half of each semester at the San Joaquin Delta campus in technical and general education coursework. The remaining time is spent at a sponsoring CAT dealership where students put theory into practice during paid internships.

Caterpillar Service

Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician students can earn an Associate of Science degree and two years of credit towards a four-year state journey-level certificate. In the remaining two years, students work as full-time apprentice technicians at their sponsoring CAT dealership, receiving additional on-the-job training and experience. Upon completion of the entire program, students will receive state journey-level certification. This intensive method of study and practice prepares individuals to be the kind of high performance technicians Caterpillar dealerships demand.

photo of men checking tracksStudents who complete this program are projected to earn excellent pay, have stable employment, and receive one of the best benefit packages in the industry. So, if you're interested in a career associated with the biggest name in the heavy equipment industry, the Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician Program is for you.


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