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San Joaquin Delta College
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Electron Microscopy 
Program History

Since 1970, San Joaquin Delta College has trained electron microscopy technologists in both the biological and materials area in an intensive two year program emphasizing extensive "hands-on" experience in TEM, SEM, EDS, OLM, and now also FIB and AFM, as well as background theory and general research techniques. At The Center For Microscopy, we train students in ALL TYPES of microscopy.


Our graduates have made major contributions as valued employees in industries, research centers, colleges and universities, sales and marketing throughout the US.

How did it all get started?

In 1957 Mr. Victor Remillard was hired to teach engineering technology at San Joaquin Delta College, then named "Stockton College". It was then affiliated with the Stockton Unified School District. There was no laboratory at its Stagg High School location.

With the creation of the San Joaquin Delta College District (SJDC) in the early 1960's, the college moved to the county hospital annex off of California Street in Stockton. The responsibility to design and furnish an engineering lab was assumed by Mr. Remillard.

While equipping the lab with a Philips Testing Analysis machine, metallography apparatus, and a Zeiss Ultraphot OLM (which is still in use), he located a Siemens Elmskop 1 TEM that Lawrence Livermore was offering for sale for $10,000.

Mr. Joe Blanchard, the then college president was approached for purchase approval. Mr. Blanchard gave his endorsement contingent upon the creation of a vocational curriculum that directly involved the electron microscope.

Each vocational education program was to have an advisory committee's guidance in establishing their curriculum. This committee met annually.

With input from the committee members, including Jack Mitchell, Betty Barbour (later to become Betty Mathews), Harry Lowe and Ursula E. Wolf (translator of Von Heimendahl's book Electron Microscopy of Materials), the Electron Microscopy Certificate program was created. The then Dr. Betty Barbour was hired to teach and organize much of the EM program. The program started course work in Fall semester, 1970.

What Equipment Did The Lab Originally Have?

The program started out with an ETEC SEM, purchased new in 1973, a Siemens Elmskop 1 TEM, and an Hitachi HU11.

The numbers and types of microscopes have grown considerably since then. Some of the microscopes currently being used include: a JEOL 100CX TEMSCAN with STEM, SEM, Backscattered, and Darkfield STEM donated by Chevron; a JEOL 100CX II, donated by Concord Analysis Lab in Los Angeles; a JEOL 6100 SEM donated by Chevron in San Ramon, CA; a JEOL 6400 Field Emission SEM was donated by Intel, Santa Clara and a FEI 200 Focused Ion Beam (FIB) donated by Intel Folsom. Recently several brand new microscopes have been purchased. These include a Hitachi TM 1000 table top SEM, a JEOL 6390LV SEM, an AMBIOS Atomic Force Microscope and many optical light microscopes (Olympus, Leica, Zeiss and Nikon) capable of performing various types of light microscopy. JEOL USA has recently loaned us a JEOL 1200EX Transmission Electron Microscope for student use and a newly purchased TESCAN VEGA SEM will arrive on campus early in 2015.

Microscopy Faculty and Staff Over the Years

Mr. Victor Remillard and Dr. Betty Barbour Mathews were full time instructors to start the program. In 1988, Mr. Frank Villalovoz became the materials instructor for the program when Mr. Remillard retired from full time teaching. In Fall 1991, Dr. Betty Mathews retired from the program, and Dr. Judy Murphy joined the staff. She retired in 2004. Several former graduates came back to Delta and filled in as a djunct faculty until 2008 when Dr. Jonathon Krupp was hired as the fulltime biological instructor.

In 1976, Mr. Frank Villalovoz returned to Delta as lab supervisor. He was in the first graduating class of SJDC Electron Microsocpy Program in 1972. He continued as lab supervisor until 1988. Mr. Mike Kostrna was lab supervisor from 1988 to 1992. Mrs. Pat Kysar was lab supervisor from February 1993 to July 1994. Lucinda Long and Sherri Burwen were temporary lab supervisors helping in the interim periods. Ms. Carol Beck Crosby started as lab supervisor in November 1994 and worked until May 1997. Mrs. Pat Kysar returned to our lab in May of 1997 and continued until April 2004. Mrs. Cathy Davis was temporary lab supervisor in the interim period from April of 2004 until she was hired permanently in January of 2005. Special appreciation is given to Mr. Lee Dryer who was instrumental in helping train the new microscopy students on the TEM from 1996 until 2004.


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