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San Joaquin Delta College
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Delta College Library
Accreditation Evidence Gallery 2014. Gallery 2008.
Library and Learning Resources (Combined)
Accreditation Evidence Gallery 2014

Standard 2C (Library and other learning support services are sufficient to support...)
  1. Learning Centers web page
  2. Library Web Page

  3. Library Evidence Documents...
    Standard 2C 1a. (Selection of materials and equipment...)
  4. Collection Development Policy
  5. College Annual Budget Book
  6. Curriculum Committee, Librarian Representative
  7. Curricunet
  8. Curriculum, Dean of Libraries Approval form
  9. Curriculum Committee Minutes
  10. District Mission Statement
  11. Learning Centers Mission Statement
  12. Librarian Senator on the Academic Senate
  13. Librarian's Meeting Minutes
  14. Library Materials Purchase Suggestion
  15. Library Material Purchase Suggestions
  16. Library Databases/Electronic Resources
  17. Library Databases Usage Statisitics
  18. Library Mission Statement
  19. Statistics on Online Database Use
  20. Library User Satisfaction Survey General, on-going (via online survey)
  21. Library User Satisfaction Survey Goleman (via online survey)
  22. Library User Satisfaction Survey Mountain House (via online survey)
  23. Standards: California State Community College Library Standards
  24. Standards: National Standards for Libraries in Higher Education
  25. Standards: National and State Standards for Libraries
  26. New items in Library
  27. Statistics on highest use print items in Goleman Library

  28. Standard 2C 1b. (Instruction for users...)
  29. Bibliographic Instruction Description
  30. Bibliographic Instruction online request form
  31. Course-integrated Bibliographic Instruction Handouts (Representative Sample)
  32. Course-integrated Bibliographic Instruction Faculty and Student Feedback (Representative Sample)
  33. Library's Courses and Descriptions (from Library's web site)
  34. Library's Courses and Descriptions (from College Catalog)
  35. Library Information Literacy (LIBRY 1) Student Comments
  36. Library Information Literacy (LIBRY 1, 2, and 3) Student Comments
  37. Student Learning Outcomes and Assessments Discussion (Program Review excerpt)
  38. SLOs for General Library Services and Library Courses

  39. Standard 2C 1c. (Access, regardless of location of means of delivery...)
  40. Access for the Visually and Hearing Impaired
  41. Course-Integrated Bibliographic Instruction
  42. ERes (Electronic Reserve Room)
  43. EZProxy (background information)
  44. Learning Centers Hours
  45. Library Catalog (GoCat!)
  46. Library Courses
  47. Library Databases/Electronic Resources
  48. Library Hours
  49. Library Services Index
  50. Library Integrated Library System strategy
  51. Library Web Page
  52. Off-campus access (via EzProxy) to Library Databases

  53. Standard 2C 1d. (Maintenance and security of the library and other learning support services...)
  54. Campus Police Dept supports the Library
  55. Work order system supports Library (Part of employee information system)

  56. Standard 2C 1e. (Formal agreements of collaboration and outside services...)
  57. 3M contract
  58. Envisionware contract Need doc
  59. OCLC Contract
  60. SirsiDynix (Integrated Library System) Contract

  61. Standard 2C 2. (Evaluation of services to assure adequacy in meeting defined students needs...)
  62. Academic Senate Minutes
  63. Adaptive technology for access for those with vision-impairment
  64. Circulation and Reserve Book Room Service
  65. College Reading Learning Association tutor training certification
  66. District Board Minutes
  67. District Mission Statement
  68. District Strategic Goals
  69. District Vision Statement
  70. Learning Centers Utilization Report
  71. Library Workshops
  72. Reference Service
  73. Reference Service via e-mail
  74. Study Skills Workshops
  75. Supplemental Instruction schedule Fall 2013
  76. Writing Workshops

  77. Themes:
  78. Learning Centers Efficiency Improvement Proposal
  79. Learning Centers Mission Statement Development Activity
  80. RWLC Student Survey Report

  81. Campus Accreditation Gallery
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