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Credit Courses
  • Library Information Literacy (LIBRY 1),
    A one-unit, self-paced course designed to help the student develop information literacy skills and to introduce the variety of information resources and information retrieval tools available in academic libraries. (UC, CSU)
    LIBRY 1 Course Outcomes:
    • Given a research topic, students will critically analyze, evaluate, and organize the information sources for a research paper.
    • Given a research topic, students will identify keywords and develop a research strategy.
    • Given a research assignment, students will find and locate books, periodicals, audiovisual materials, and other types of resources on the subject from the library's print and online collections as well as from the Internet.

  • Advanced Library Information Literacy (LIBRY 2), a two-unit, self-paced course designed to further develop the student's information literacy and critical thinking skills beyond LIBRY 1. Special emphasis is given to the Internet as a research tool, online databases, online searching strategies, general and specialized reference books, law reference sources, and career information. (UC, CSU)
    LIBRY 2 Course Outcomes:
    • Given a research topic, students will identify Web search engine(s) and appropriate search options to retrieve and critically analyze Internet sources.
    • Having identified a career goal, students will be able to find, evaluate, and cite career information.
    • Given a legal research topic, students will be able to identify legal research tools to find, evaluate, and cite law reference sources from the college library's legal research tools as well as from the Internet.
    • Having selected a research topic, students will identify appropriate research tools and retrieve, organize, and critically assess online and print information for a research paper. The students will also develop an analytical resource guide on the chosen topic, using one of the major styles of writing.

  • Information Competency (LIBRY 3), an online, 3-unit course designed to empower the student with information literacy skills and enable the student to identify the need for information, develop research strategies, and find, evaluate, use, and communicate information in various formats. The course promotes consideration of ethical and legal use of information as well as the application of both critical thinking and communication skills. The course combines instruction, hands-on learning and applications, forum discussions, analysis and evaluation of information, learning assessments, and a research project. (UC, CSU)
    LIBRY 3 Course Outcomes:
    • Students will be able to understand how to properly cite sources in their research papers.
    • The student will understand what plagiarism is and how to prevent plagiarism.
    • Having selected a research topic, the student will be able to identify appropriate research tools to effectively retrieve and critically evaluate retrieved information.
    • Given a research topic, the student will be able to develop research questions, thesis statement, and a search strategy to retrieve information.
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