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Basic Skills Mathematics Program
About The Basic Skills Mathematics Courses

The Courses - Basic Skills Mathematics
The Basic Skills Mathematics courses at Delta are designed to provide students with the skills they need to succeed in future mathematics courses.  Competency in skills is emphasized, and students have access to a tutoring lab to help them achieve success in the courses.

  • Review of Arithmetic - Math 76
    The Review of Arithmetic course helps students to remember and refine basic arithmetic skills.  Students are instructed in the topics of whole numbers, proportions, measurements, problem solving, fractions, decimals, percents, and graphs and charts.
  • Prealgebra - Math 78
    The Prealgebra course helps students bridge the gap between arithmetic and algebra. The Prealgebra curriculum includes whole numbers and variables, integers, first degree equations, fractions, decimals, graphs, proportions, percents, and measurements.
  • Business Mathematics - Math 77A/77B
    The Business Mathematics courses help students acquire the mathematics skills necessary for the business field.  Basic arithmetic topics are reviewed as they connect to modern business, accounting, and finance.  The Business Mathematics 77A curriculum includes whole numbers and decimals, fractions, percents, bank services, payroll, mathematics of buying and selling, and simple interest.  The Business Mathematics 77B curriculum includes compound interest, annuities, stocks and bonds, business and consumer loans, taxes and insurance, depreciation, financial statements and ratios, and business statistics.

Online versus In-Classroom Courses

Some courses are taught online as well as in the classroom; students may choose the instruction method that works best for them. Online students must be self-motivated and prepared to work within course due dates in an online environment. Both online and in-classroom students may access the tutoring lab for extra help.



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