Medical Office Assistant, Certificate of Achievement

Upon successful completion of the Medical Office Assistant Certificate program, the student demonstrates the skills, knowledge and training for entry-level employment in medical front-office positions, such as a medical office bookkeeper, medical records file clerk, appointment clerk, insurance coordinator or billing clerk and medical office receptionist. Individuals are able to demonstrate knowledge of medical technology, bookkeeping and records management as well as the ability to work with patients effectively in scheduling appointments and collecting payments.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Program completers will demonstrate knowledge and use of keyboarding and/or computer applications used in the business segment of a medical office setting.
  2. Program completers will assemble an Office Procedures Manual or a Professional Portfolio reflecting direct evidence of office procedures and/or computer applications used in a medical front office environment.

Core Requirements

Complete 16 units

BIM 001A

Beginning Keyboarding


BIM 038

Office Technologies and Procedures


BIM 081

Records Management and Filing


BUS 010A



CSA 020

Computer Information Systems Applications


H S 036

Medical Terminology and Speech


Minimum Units Required: 16

Complete all courses with a grade of "C" or better.