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 Academic Calendar
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    Student Rights and Responsibilities
    Student Right to Know (SRTK)
    Campus Security
    Academic Dishonesty - Definition
    Academic Freedom and Responsibility
    Academic Renewal
    Adding a Course
    Admission to Class
    Advanced Placement Test
    Attendance Regulation
    Catalog Rights
    Change of Address
    Classification of Student
    Continuous Enrollment
    Course Audit
    Course Repetition
    Credit by Examination (CBE)
    Credit for Advancement Placement Examination
    Credit for Military Experience
    Drug-Free Campus
    Educational Privacy Rights of Students
    Final Examinations
    Fire Alarms
    Grade Changes to Academic Record
    Grading Option
    Grading Option - Pass/No Pass
    Graduation Information
    Honors at Commencement
    Honors at Graduation
    Instructional Program Review
    International Baccalaureate
    Military Withdrawal
    Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy
    No Habra Discriminación
    Open Enrollment Access Policy
    Prerequisites/Corequisites and Limitations on Enrollment
    Remedial Coursework Limitations
    Scholastic Honors
    Scholastic Probation and Dismissal
    Scholastic Standards
    Sexual Harassment Policy
    Definition of Sexual Harassment
    Complaint Procedures
    Smoking Policy
    Student Affirmative Action
    Student Conduct
    Student Grievances
    Transcripts from Other Schools
    Unit Limitations
    Withdrawal from Class
    Withdrawal from Class - Short term, irregularly scheduled classes, and actual hours of Attendance Classes
    Withdrawal Procedures
    Withholding of Student Records
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 California Articulation Numbering System
 Course Equivalence
 College Credit for High School Courses
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 Extended Opportunities Programs and Services
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