Work Experience Program

Holt 140 – (209) 954-5269

The Work Experience Program is designed for students who are taking a course, related to their specific job duties, while working at a business, industry, or government work site. The Work Experience Program provides the student an opportunity to develop marketable skills, abilities, attitudes and work habits appropriate to successful employment in a career field. The student acquires sufficient career knowledge to enable them to develop an occupational education plan consistent with their career goals. The college further assures that the program offers opportunities in occupational areas that relate to existing or anticipated employment opportunities. Students enrolled in the Internship/Work Experience Program may earn from 1- 4 units of general elective college credit per semester. The student may earn a total of 16 units from the program. Once the student has reached the 16-unit limit, the student is no longer eligible for the program. For more information contact the Internship/Work Experience Office.