Smoking Cessation Plans Services available to students and the general public

Dameron Hospital - (209) 461-7532

Dameron Hospital offers a smoking cessation program, which is free of charge. A $10.00 voluntary donation to the American Cancer Society is requested. The program consists of five, one-hour classes taught by a pharmacist and is a type of support group for smokers. Most health insurance, including Medi-Cal, provides assistance for prescriptions for patches, Zyban, etc. which may be prescribed.

Other Resources for Smoking Cessation:

  • San Joaquin General Hospital, (209) 468-7200
  • Evergreen Personal Improvement Center, (209) 472-0722
  • American Heart Association, (209) 477-2683
  • American Cancer Society, (209) 941-2676
  • American Lung Association, (209) 478-1888