Child Development Center

(209) 954-5700

Delta College students and staff are eligible to enroll their children and grandchildren in the Child Development Center. Children ages 3 months through 12 years are cared for in a loving, nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment designed to meet the needs of each child. Parents are able to have their children near while they attend classes and use the observation rooms to view their child's play. Free or low cost child care is available to qualifying parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Parents interested in this state funded program must provide verification of income, demonstrate need, and participate in the child's classroom. Pre-enrollment forms are required for all state funded programs. Families are also accepted on a full pay basis. Parents paying their own child care fees will be eligible to have a portion of their child care fees subsidized by the Gladys Benerd Endowment. Please visit the Child Development Center for a fee schedule.