Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics Division

Division Dean: Mary Ann Paz, M.S.

Budd 119

(209) 954-5176

FAX: (209) 954-5696

Faculty: Gary T. Barlow, M.A.; Robert D. Dewitt, M.A.; Randy Gaines, M.Ed.; Gina C. Johnson, M.A.; Brian V. Katz, M.S.; Cindy Layland, M.A.; Michael Maroney, M.A.; Reed Peters, M.S.; Gary Scott, M.A.

Staff: Roxanne Bava-Noble, Secretary; Adeja Hill, Sr. Office Assistant; Diane Mason, PE Attendant; Luci Morano, PE Attendant; Erik Pardee, Equipment Technician; Steve Stevenson, P.E. Technician; Art Yee, Athletic Trainer.


  • Athletics
  • Health Education
  • Physical Education & Recreation

Degree Programs

  • Associate in Arts (Liberal Arts and Science)
  • Associate in Arts (Natural Sciences)

Certificate Programs

  • Fitness Specialist
  • Recreation Assistant

Special Note: Transferability of Physical Education courses to the University of California is limited to a total of 4 units of activity courses and 8 units of Theory/Academic courses. See a counselor or for additional information.