Mission Statement

The mission of San Joaquin Delta College is providing excellent post-secondary education that serves the needs of students, the College District and the community through continuing, transfer, career and technical education, and economic development. To achieve this objective, the faculty and staff are committed to providing comprehensive instructional programs, student services, and public services that are high quality.

In fulfilling its mission, San Joaquin Delta College acts upon the following principles:

  • Commitment to excellence requires effective collaboration, respect for cultural diversity, appreciation of historical perspective, open communication, high academic standards, a vital connection to the arts and cultures of the community, and competitive athletics.
  • Student success and equity are founded on a well-coordinated and institutionally-integrated developmental education program.
  • Educational resources are available to all students regardless of age, disability, gender, or ethnicity.
  • Institutional renewal must include continuous improvements through new and revised curricula; the use of student learning outcomes to enhance student performance; new and effective technologies, and ongoing faculty and staff professional development.
  • All aspects of the College encourage good citizenship, responsible leadership, ethical behavior, and the appreciation of lifelong learning.

San Joaquin Delta Community College District reserves the right to discontinue, postpone, combine courses, change instructors, and correct errors and omissions. Courses, course content, class times and units are subject to change depending upon enrollment and the requirements of the district. All enrollment fees are subject to change.