Mental Health Specialist

Social Science
Upon successful completion of the Mental Health Specialist certificate, the student will be prepared to work at the San Joaquin County Office of Mental Health as a Mental Health Specialist. The student will take academic courses to prepare him/her for this position. The student will receive training on how to: provide case management for a routine client caseload; provide group and individual counseling for emotional, drug, alcohol or other mental health problems; provide in-service training to speakers, educators and counselors; assist in managing a large mental health program or manage a small program.

Total Units Required 48-51
Recommended Sequence
First Semester Units
PSYCH 1 Introduction to Psychology 3
CS 20 Microsoft Word, Excel and Access 3
HS 36 Medical Terminology and Speech 3
COM ST 7 Intercultural Communication 3
SOCIO 1A Introduction to Sociology 3

ENG 79 Preparatory English 5
ENG 1A Written Communication 3

Second Semester
PSYCH 3 Personal and Social Psychology 3
PSYCH 40 Case Management and Treatment Planning 3
PSYCH 38 Counseling Skills for Human Service Workers 3
PSYCH 45A Beginning Field Practicum 2
PSYCH 7 Abnormal Psychology 3

Third Semester
PSYCH 45B Intermediate Field Practicum 1-2
PSYCH 6 Lifespan Psychology 3
PSYCH 39 Client Interview, Evaluation and Referral 2
PSYCH 46 Individual Counseling in Human Service Programs 3
PSYCH 47 Group Counseling in Human Service Programs 3
BIOL 11 Human Biology 4