Industrial Technology: Operations Apprenticeship Option

Applied Science & Technology Division
Upon successful completion of the Industrial Technology Certificate, the student demonstrates skills, knowledge, and training to work in plant operations at a hydroelectric plant facility. The apprentice demonstrates the proficiency in the operation of a hydroelectric plant controlling pumps, electrical generators, aqueduct system and the total plant operating systems. The program is offered as part of the State Department of Water Resources Joint Apprenticeship Committee and the State Division of apprenticeship Standards. The apprentice receives a State Journey-level Certificate upon successful completion of the program.

Total Units Required 34
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
A-IND 72A Introduction to Apprenticeship 2
A-IND 76 Applied Technical Mathematics 2
A-ELE 75A Basic Electricity 2
A-ELE 75B Advanced Electricity 2
A-IND 77A Mechanical Fundamentals 2

Second Semester
A-IND 77B Bearings, Pumps, and Turbines 2
A-IND 77C Motors and Generators 2
A-IND 77D Plant Auxiliary Equipment 2

Third Semester
A-ELE 75C Transformers and Polychlorinated Biphenyl 2
A-ELE 75D Protective Relaying 2
A-ELE 75E High Voltage Switching 2

Fourth Semester
A-IND 77G Governor Systems 2
A-IND 77H Computers in Hydro-Electric Plants 2
A-IND 77N Electro-Mechanical Print Reading 2

Fifth Semester
A-IND 77J Water Aqueduct Systems 2
A-IND 77K Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 2
A-IND 77L Project Control and Power Contracts 2