Human Services Worker: Gerontology Specialist

Social Science Division
Upon successful completion of the Human Services Worker Certificate: Gerontology Specialist, the student demonstrates skills, knowledge, and training to counsel with older adults while under the supervision of licensed professionals, an understanding of gerontology counseling an understanding of the psychology of aging, interviewing skills that maximize the information obtained from clients necessary for determining needs and services, the ability to prepare case plans, an understanding of the basic aims and processes involved in facilitating groups, an understanding of the basic process of individual counseling and problem solving, and an understanding of the basic principles and methods related to working with family systems in human service agencies.

Total Units Required 31-33
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
PSYCH 1 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSYCH 38 Counseling Skills for
Human Service Workers 3
PSYCH 39 Client Interview, Evaluation, and Referral 2
PSYCH 45A Beginning Field Practicum 2
PSYCH 46 Individual Counseling in Human Service Programs 3

Second Semester
PSYCH 40 Case Management and Treatment Planning 3
PSYCH 45B Intermediate Field Practicum 2
PSYCH 47 Group Counseling in Human Service Programs 3
PSYCH 48 Family Counseling in Human Service Programs 2

Third Semester
PSYCH 24 Psychology of Aging 3

Fourth Semester
PSYCH 57 Introduction to Gerontology Counseling 2

Additional Requirement
ENG 1A Written Communications 3
ENG 79 Preparatory English 5

Industrial Technology
Applied Science & Technology Division
Upon successful completion of the Industrial Technology Certificate the student demonstrates skills, knowledge, and management of industrial controls, processes and systems. The scope of training includes the installation, repair, maintenance, and management of industrial plant operations in the manufacturing, food processing and automated facilities.

Total Units Required 30.5 - 37
Required Courses Units
MECH 15 Machine Tool Process 3
MECH 10 Basic Welding for the Trades 4
INDUS 31 Hydraulics and Pneumatics 4
MECH 30A Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 3
E TECH 13 Engineering Drafting Skills 3

ELEC 30 Fundamentals of Electricity 5
ELECT 11 AC and DC Network Analysis 4.5

MATH 80 Elementary Algebra 4
INDUS 94 Industrial Mathematics 3

ELECTIVES See Group I below 6 - 11

Group I (Electives)
(two courses from the following)

INDUS 20 Industrial Safety and Health 3
MECH 31A Basic Air Conditioning: Components and Circuits 6
MECH 32A Air Conditioning Control Circuit Analysis 3
MECH 60 Metal Trade Layout and Forming 5

The following 4 patterns are options for apprentices to earn the Industrial Technology Certificate:

Electrical Apprenticeship
Maintenance Apprenticeship
Mechanical Apprenticeship
Operations Apprenticeship