Engineering Drafter/ Technician

Applied Science & Technology Division
Upon successful completion of the Engineering Drafter/Technician Certificate, the student demonstrates skills, knowledge, and training for employment as an engineering aide; computer aided drafter, designer, surveyor, engineering technician, or other technical support position in the field of engineering. The student demonstrates his or her ability to document designs with appropriate technical drawings, and develop solutions for common engineering problems.

Total Units Required 43 - 47
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
ENGR 1 Introduction to Engineering & Technology 3
E TECH 11 Engineering Drafting 3
E TECH 12 Computer-Aided Drafting 3
E TECH 13 Engineering Drafting Skills 3

Second Semester
ENGR 2 Engineering Graphics 3
E TECH 20 Materials and Measurements 3
E TECH 22 Three Dimensional Modeling 3

E TECH 26 Technical Statics 3
E TECH 76 Applied Statics 3

Third Semester
E TECH 31 Fundamentals of Civil Drafting 3
E TECH 34 Machine Drafting 3
E TECH 35 Machine Design 3
E TECH 80 Applied Surveying 3
MECH 15 Machine Tool Process (mechanical students only) 3

Fourth Semester
E TECH 46 Mechanical and Electrical Systems 3
completion of all the courses in ONE of the specialization elective options shown below

E TECH 41 Civil Drafting: Site Design & Improvement 4
E TECH 47 Introduction to Industrial Control Systems 2
ELECT 11 AC and DC Network Analysis 4.5
E TECH 45 Practical Machine Design 3
E TECH 47 Introduction to Industrial Control Systems 2

Family & Consumer Sciences: Life Management
Family, Consumer & Health Sciences Division
Upon successful completion of the Family and Consumer Science (Life Management) Program, the student demonstrates a general knowledge of life skills that can be applied to family life and to success in the workplace; to transfer toward a bachelor's degree as a generalist in Family and Consumer Science or in one if the specific program areas; or to pursue specific certificates in Child Care, Home Health Care, Convalescent Care, Consumer Credit Counseling, or Consumer Affairs.

Total Units Required 36
Recommended Sequence:
FCS 2 Life Management 3

FCS 5 Nutrition 3
FCS 6 Basic Nutrition -

FCS 8 Food Preparation 3
FCS 10 Interior Design 3
FCS 3 Home Management and Finance 3
FCS 21 Child Development 3
FCS 23 Marriage and the Family 3
FCS 42 Textiles 3
FCS 47A Clothing Construction 3
ELECTIVES See Group I below 9

Group I (Electives)
(minimum of 9 units from any courses in the following departments)
Family and Consumer Sciences 1-99
Culinary Arts 1-99