Applied Science & Technology Division
Upon successful completion of the Engineering Certificate, the student demonstrates skills, knowledge, and ability for transfer to a Bachelor's Degree program at a college or university, and the mathematical, scientific, and basic engineering theory courses required for upper division study in an engineering specific major. Delta College's program meets the lower division requirements established by the California Engineering Liaison Committee.

Total Units Required 52
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
ENGR 1 Introduction to Engineering and Technology 3
MATH 1 Calculus 5
ENG 1A Written Communication 3

Second Semester
ENGR 2 Engineering Graphics 3
MATH 2 Calculus 4
CHEM 1A General Chemistry 5
PHYSC 4A Principles of Physics: Mechanics 4

Third Semester
ENGR 4 Engineering Materials 3
ENGR 29 Engineering Applications for Digital Computations 3
MATH 3 Vector Calculus 4

Fourth Semester
ENGR 8 Statics 3
ENGR 6 Engineering Circuit Analysis 4
MATH 4 Differential Equations 4
PHYSC 4C Principles of Physics: Electricity and Magnetism 4

The courses listed above fulfill the recommended core of the Engineering Articulation Guideline for engineering transfer students as formulated by the statewide Engineering Liaison Council.

Completion of the above sequence of classes will not meet the requirements necessary for admission to most four-year institutions.

E TECH 12, E TECH 13, CHEM 3A and MATH 80, MATH 82, MATH 36 (or MATH 30/31) or their equivalents, are prerequisites for some courses in this program. You may not be required to complete some of the above prerequisites, depending upon high school preparation. It is essential to see a couselor prior to, or during the first semester of attendance at SJDC to determine the additional requirements necessary for admission to specific four-year institutions. Failure to do so may result in the completion of unnecessary courses and/or the omission of necessary courses and will significantly delay transfer.